Portable Solar Chargers for Emergencies

Portable Solar Chargers for Emergencies

Solar energy is emitted by the sun to the Earth’s surface is greater compared to the amount of energy the Earth consumers in a whole year. This immense energy source is poured out to us for free and it would be a crime if we don’t use it productively. To make things easier, solar devices are manufactured today to ensure the utilization of the sun’s energy effectively.

Portable solar panels and chargers come in handy whenever emergency rings the bell and you have nowhere to plug your gadgets to. Why, it can even save a life in case of unexpected tragic accidents, injury, catastrophe or any form of emergency that comes.

portable solar charger
Portable Solar Chargers

It comes with a special panel that you can bring anywhere outside the house or anywhere you can possibly be. To get it working, you connect it to a box that comes with  a few docks to start charging. Typically it charges about 6 to 8 hours of sun to fully charge it to be able to function well. Some portable solar panels come with a pair of ports. One is for charging a cellular phone while the other one is used for rechargeable AA batteries.

This solar panels come in many designs with different features. You can get something you can flexibly roll up and carry with you in your bag or a foldable one that can be carried in your car, you can also set it up on your vehicle’s roof. This has become the common emergency kit must-have for hikers, campers, photographers, emergency workers, mountaineers, backpackers, bicyclers, horse-back riders, and anybody who couldn’t get hold of an outlet when they need to recharge electronic devices.

If you want the type that loads bigger gadgets with bigger electrical supply needs such as laptops or notebooks, you can purchase a portable solar charger that is fit for them. Be sure to purchase a charger with the correct wattage for your gadgets and/or appliances. To give you an idea which kind of solar portable panel you will purchase, check for the electrical supply your device needs.

goal zero foldable solar panel on map
Portable Goal Zero Solar Charger

This kind of charger is designed for people on-the-go from all walks of life because it is so light and easy to carry. These chargers are very handy to have. They are designed to be small and weigh very light. It is often shaped with three rectangular panels with a length of 3 inches that is all linked together. It will then be placed under the heat of the sun and must be fanned out to produce power and energy. Other designs are shaped like a compact mirror. You can tote them anywhere you want to go without worrying about drained batteries whenever you can’t find an electricity.

Always remember though to keep your batteries charged during the day to prevent you from any unexpected circumstances at night that requires the need for electricity. Your rechargeable solar batteries will be able to store power while it is exposed to the heat of the sun. So when you use your portable radio, laptop, cell phones or flash light they will immediately recharge when plugged to a solar charger. The whole process is clean, noise-free and quick. When your solar portable charger is exposed under the sun, its solar cells are penetrated and stir its electrons within the cell. Some of the cells break out and goes through a conductive metal strip to produce electricity. It effectively performs when it gets excessive heat as it stores solar energy in the battery itself.

Portable solar panels have largely gained popularity today because it is a form of clean energy and it does not emit any toxic byproduct to our environment. Installation is no sweat, in fact, many were able to install their solar panel systems in their residence and set it up on their own..  These products offer some form of renewable energy that will work anywhere where the sun is shining