Can a Portable Power Station Run a Sump Pump

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Off-grid homes, especially those located in regions with heavy rainfall or potential flooding, may need a sump pump to manage water accumulation in basements or crawl spaces. This helps prevent water damage to the foundation and property.

Portable power stations are user-friendly and easy to set up. They provide a quick and accessible power solution without the need for complex installations or wiring. But can it run a sump pump

A 2000-watt portable power station can run a 1hp sump pump for around 2 hours. More on this in the following article

What Size Portable Power Station to Run a Sump Pump

In order to get the size of power station to run a sump pump you need to consider the wattage. The wattage of the sump pump determines the inverter rating of the portable power station. The watt-hour rating of the power station determines how long it can run the sump pump.

The amount of power required to operate a sump pump depends on a number of factors, including size of the sump pump, type of motor being used and the volume of water being pumped.

A 1 horse-power sump pump will need 800 Watts to run and around 1500 watts to start.

Inverter Rating for Sump pump

A hp sump pump needs 800 watts to run however, when matching your sump pump to an inverter you need to be aware of the starting wattage. An 800-watt sump pump will have a starting wattage of around 1500 watts.

For this sump pump, you will need an inverter that is at least 2000 watts. Therefore you need a 2000-watt portable power station.

Sump Pump Watt-hour Requirements

Electrical energy is measured in Watt-Hours. The amount of time you run an appliance determines how much power it uses.

To calculate Watt-Hours you multiply the Wattage of the device or appliance and multiply by the number of hours you use the device.

Watt-Hours = Watts X Hours

If you use an 800 Watt sump pump for 1 hour, you will need 800 Wh of energy.

How Long Will a 2000-Watt Portable power station Run a 1hp Sump?

A 2000-watt portable power station will have a 2000wh capacity. To calculate the running time of a sump pump (1 HP), you would use the following formula:

Running Time = Portable power station Watt-hours/operating power of the device 

For example to get the running time for an 800-watt sump pump

= (2400*0.85)/800 

= 2.125 hrs

2000 Watt-hours is enough to run the sump pump for around 2 hours

A 600-watt Solar panel or two 300-watt solar panels can charge the battery in around four hours. This means that you can use the sump pump for at least 4 hours in a day in good sunlight conditions.


When considering using a portable power station for a sump pump, it’s important to choose a model with sufficient wattage, battery capacity, and features to meet the specific needs of your sump pump and other devices. You can also consider a battery system for your sump pump as it can run the sump pump for longer periods.

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