Sizing a Solar Generator for 700 Watts

A 700-watt inverter is meant to run appliances up to 700 watt max however it can support a continuous output somewhere around 600 watts. This is because of efficiency and conversion losses. Operating at 600-watts also ensures that the inverter is not overloaded.

A 700-watt inverter can run the following:

Small appliances like a 400-watt blender and a 500-watt coffee maker.

Small power tools such as drills, saws and sanders.

Refrigerator: A 200-watt refrigerator with a 400-watt surge.

Blender: A 400-watt blender

Computer: A 200-300-watt desktop computer.

It can also run several other devices including lights, laptops, mini-fan, phones and TV.

The actual runtime of the devices will depend on the capacity of the battery and the power requirements of the device being used. Let’s look at what size of battery you’ll need.

How Long Will a 700-Watt Solar Generator Run an Appliance?

A 700-watt solar generator can also work for your medium-wattage appliances on the lower end. So how long will a 700-watt solar generator run an appliance?

To calculate the running time of an appliance, you would use the following formula:

Running Time = Solar Generator Watt-hours/operating power of the device 

You will also multiply the solar generator’s capacity by 0.85 to factor efficiency and conversions losses.

= (700*0.85)/500 

= 1.19 hrs

A 700-watt solar generator can run a 500-watt coffee maker in 1 hr 11 minutes. You can also run a 600-watt appliance for at least an hour.

How Long Will a 700-Watt Solar Generator Last with a 200-watt solar Panel?

The recommended solar panel for a 700-watt solar generator will be a 200 watt solar panel. A 200-watt Solar panel can charge a 700-watt solar generator in around four hours. This will depend on the availability of sunlight. 4 hours of sunlight in an ideal situation should provide 800Wh enough to fully recharge the solar generator.

With the extra 200 watts going to the solar generator this also adds to the run time;

= (200*0.85)/500

= 0.34 hrs

With the power from the solar panel you can run the coffee maker for an additional 20 minutes and recharge the solar generator in 4 hours. Since you won’t be using your coffee maker for less than 20 minutes in a day this mean that the load can be supported fully from the power coming in from the solar panel.