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Our Blog provides an overview of Solar Generator Systems and how they can be used to provide electricity to run appliances in an off-grid home. The factors to consider when choosing a lithium battery-powered system for a home, such as the size of the system, and the amount of electricity it can generate and store.

In off-grid solar power systems, it’s important to choose a power rating that is appropriate for your needs. The power inverter should be able to handle the maximum power load that will be required, and it should be designed to work with the batteries and charge controller in the system. We have provided a comprehensive guide on power ratings.

You can also download a Inverter-Battery Sizing Guide


We like to thank Andrew Heffer who has contributed immensely to this blog. He is an avid off-grid and solar enthusiast.

A special thanks also goes to Eng. Detlef Shulz who through his inspiration and advocacy for the use of solar power laid the foundation for this blog.