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Battery banks, also known as electric power storage systems, provide the energy needed to run essential loads in our homes during an interruption of the utility supply or if you living off-grid battery banks allow an alternative source of power like solar or wind.

A battery bank is an array of two or more batteries that are electrically connected in series, parallel, or a combination of both to provide the required voltage and current capability. There are various types of batteries you can use for your Battery bank. From Wet, AGM, and Gel Lead Acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries. But we love lithium and we have a special bond with the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFEPO4) Battery.

Combining your Battery Bank with Solar is the perfect solution for completely untethered power. Whether powering your home.

We also highlight the components that bring a battery bank to life including charge controllers, inverters, solar panels, wires, and monitors in order to power your home appliances.


We like to thank Andrew Heffer who has contributed immensely to this blog. He is an avid off-grid and solar enthusiast.

A special thanks also goes to Eng. Detlef Shulz who through his inspiration and advocacy for the use of solar power laid the foundation for this blog.