Best Solar Powered Gifts

Planning on getting a gift for you dad or friend or loved ones for the loves. Well, if he or she is a solar enthusiast or has interests in green energy you might have your work cut out for you. While it would be impossible to gift out an entire solar systems, you can gift … Read more

Best Solar Powered Flashlights

A flashlight is a tool that comes in handy in emergency situations. It is a bigger advantage to have one that is uses solar energy to recharge. Some models which use hybrid mechanisms meaning that they use a combination of chemical or solar energy; however, these have minimal effect on the environment. The following are … Read more

Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights are a very common choice when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations. Many outdoor decorations such as Christmas inflatables are visible during the day when many people are on their everyday activities. The outdoor Christmas lights keep a party or a festival feel going long after the darkness that comes during the … Read more

11 Largest Solar Power Plants Around the Globe

Solar is among the fastest-growing renewable energy sources globally, with nations starting a race to assert this growing industry supremacy. Recent improvements in Solar Technology has increased efficiency and Capacity. Solar power capacity has risen by about 60% over the last five years, increasing to more than 485.82GW. The energy profiles the largest operating solar … Read more

Solar Pool Heaters

In many places people enjoy swimming in their pools throughout the warm summer months, but nobody wants to swim in a cold pool, especially if it’s not summer time. This is where pool heaters come in handy. To keep a swimming pool warm year round you need a pool heater to keep the water warm. … Read more

Solar Energy Disadvantages

Use of solar energy is one of mankind’s greatest achievements and with the advance in technology the harnessing of sunshine is becoming easier everyday. Like everything else it does have it’s pros and cons. There are a number of disadvantages for using solar energy in our homes or businesses but this cannot outdo the advantages … Read more

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Outside lighting is can add a finishing touch to transform your garden or pathway with minimal effort. This lighting can be set the mood when you entertain guests after dark and can show off your perfectly pruned garden. Solar lighting is a popular option owing to its safety, ease of use and the environmental benefits. … Read more

How to Wire a Solar System

“Wiring” may be one of the less expensive parts of a small solar electrical system, but definitely not the least important. In fact, if you make a mistake in wiring there can be big consequences, all bad, even on a small system. And, they’re easy mistakes to make. There are literally hundreds of different types … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels on a Roof

Solar panels are not only cost effective they are a great investment and renewable energy solution for your home. There are two types of solar panels – solar thermal panels for producing hot water and solar PV panels for producing electricity. Installing solar panels involves several critical steps. Each plays an important role in ensuring … Read more

Do Solar Panels Pay for Themselves?

One perk of having a home run on solar power is that it is a one time cost of equipment with no recurring fees save periodic upkeep. If you are in financial hardship, however, this is probably its biggest downfall as well. To power an average house, the equipment installed would cost approximately $20,000. The … Read more