Can a Portable Power Station Run a Toaster

A toaster is a simple yet versatile and practical kitchen appliance that offers convenience, efficiency, and a range of options for preparing quick and tasty snacks or breakfast items. Portable power stations are designed to be compact and easily transportable, making them a convenient power source for various small appliances. Can a Portable Power Station run a toaster?

To run a 900-watt toaster you’ll need a 1000 watt portable power station. The 1000-watt portable power station can run the portable power station for up to an hour.  You can also use other appliances on the power station like your instant pot.

What Size Portable Power Station to Power a Toaster

Toasters are energy efficient however they still require a relatively medium wattage to run. A typical household toaster is rated at around 900 watts. However they are still energy efficient as you will not run them for long. We cover this later. So how do we size a portable power station for our toaster.

To get the right size portable power station for your toaster you need to match the power rating to the inverter. To match to the right inverter you’ll need to oversize as not all the power is converted. So for a 900-watt toaster, you will an inverter that is rated at least 1000 watts.

How Long Will a 1000-Watt Solar Generator Run a 900-Watt Toaster?

Toasters are generally energy-efficient appliances. They heat up quickly and only use the necessary amount of energy to toast the bread, making them a more energy-conscious choice compared to using a conventional oven.

To calculate the running time of a toaster, you would use the following formula:

Running Time = Solar Generator Watt-hours/operating power of the device 

For example to get the running time for a 900-watt toaster

= (1000*0.85)/900

= 0.94 hrs

1000 Watt-hours has enough capacity to run the toaster for around 56 minutes. But you may only need to use your toaster only 15 minutes at a time so you’ll have enough power left to run other appliances on the power station.

How Long Will the Portable Power Station Last with a Solar Panel

A 300-Watt Solar Panel can fully charge the solar generator in around 4 hours. This will depend on the time of day, availability of sunlight. 4 hours is enough to produce 1000Wh but because of efficiency losses and overcast this will probably reach to 5 hours.

With an additional 300 Watts available we can estimate how long the toaster will last;

(300*0.85)/900 = 0.28 hrs

With the 300-watt solar panel you can run the toaster for an additional 17 minutes.

Alternatively with a 300-watt solar panel working you can run the solar generator without depleting any of its capacity relying on only power from the solar panel and run your toaster.


A toaster can be powered efficiently, even while off-grid scenarios, all while embracing eco-friendly energy sources. The combination of a portable power station not only ensures your breakfast routine remains uninterrupted but allows you to run other appliances as well.

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