Can a Portable Power Station Run a TV

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Having a TV at home serves various purposes, making it a common choice for entertainment, information, and relaxation. Even while off-grid you may still want to connect to what’s going on in the world. A portable power station allows you to power your TV and other essential devices.

A 300-watt portable power station can run a small TV for hours while charging your devices like your phone and laptop. In this article we show how to size a portable power station for your TV and how estimate how long it can run.

What Size Portable power station for a TV

The amount of power used by a TV depends on the size, features and type of display. A 32-inch LED TV will need around 30-watts to run. In order to match an portable power station to an appliance you need to match the power rating of the appliance to the Inverter rating of the appliance

For a 32 inch LED TV you’ll just need around 30W to run the TV the smallest power station will be around 150-watts.

So how long can it last?

How Long Will a 150-Watt Portable Power Station Run a TV?

Electrical energy is measured in watt-hours, which is calculated by multiplying the wattage of the device by the number of hours it will be used.

For example, if you have a 30 watt TV and want to use it for 5 hours, you will need 150 watt-hours (Wh) of energy.

To calculate the working times for a TV you can use the following formula:

Working Time =  Portable power station Watt-hours x 0.85/ operating power of the device 

You’ll multiply the Watt-hours of the device by 0.85 because of system losses. This is due to the wiring, DC-AC conversion, and efficiency. 

For example to get the working time for a 30-watt tv

= (150 x 0.85)/30 

=  4.25 hrs

So 150 Watt-hours is enough to run the Tv for 4 hours

This power station can also be used to run other appliances like charging your Laptop or Phones. However, it may not last for long.


In a world where staying connected and entertained is key, a portable power station emerges as a hero, empowering your TV and essential devices anywhere, even off the grid. By understanding the power requirements you can size your power station appropriately. 

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