Is a Solar Generator just a battery

A Solar Generator provides an AC source of electricity from a battery bank that is charged primarily by Solar Panels.   Any Solar Electric system, big or small, which converts DC power from solar-charged batteries into AC power is in fact a Generator. Generating AC power from DC power is the primary function that qualifies the term generator for this type of power supply.

However, to make a complete this is also the function of an inverter. A solar generator has to have the complete components of the inverter, battery bank, and most important of all the Solar Panel. Technology has introduced power sources that can be hooked to Solar Panels as chargers and these may fall into the category of a Solar Generator.

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Uses of Solar Power Generators

Solar Generators are quickly replacing gas and diesel-powered systems throughout the world in response to growing environmental concerns and the rising cost of fossil-based fuels. The cost of maintenance and repairs for systems with many moving parts is another reason they are being considered over gas or diesel systems.

A solar-powered generator can be used for many purposes including powering people’s laptops, recharging mobile phones, lighting, or even running small appliances. These appliances include microwaves, toaster ovens, portable televisions, and radios. There are different types of medical apparatus including cpaps which can be powered by these generators in case of an electrical interruption.

The sizes and costs of solar generators are usually affected by the number of watts needed to keep one’s essential electronic equipment functioning. Solar generators come in different models, capabilities, sizes, and prices.

The fact that people rely so much on equipment such as computers, mobile gadgets for communication, home appliances to assist people in cooking, television for entertainment means that these generators play an important role in people’s lives.

This means that individuals are at a loss in case they do not have these generators whenever there is an electricity blackout. Solar generators come in handy whenever no power grid has been established in certain regions.

What to look for when buying

There are some key factors that must be considered whenever one is buying a solar generator. One should determine the amount of power that is required. You should determine how many watts you need to power. These watts can be determined by checking for the watts consumption on the devices. The amount of watts a solar-powered generator can produce has a direct effect on the cost of the system and the overall portability.

Portable solar-powered generators
have different sizes. These sizes range from a few inches to twenty feet. These generators can perform several tasks so long as they get adequate sunlight which is converted to energy. It is important to note that generators that produce high power have high prices. Small solar generators can generate the type of electricity found in people’s homes. These devices can handle appliances that require between 200 and 800 watts. Most of solar power generators have at least a twenty-hour battery life.

You should select models which can accomplish tasks that are required. One should know the watts he/she needs. This is the basic factor that normally affects the prices of the generator. People expect their solar generators to function without any technical hitches. In order for these generators to function properly, they should be properly maintained at all times.

To use a solar generator, you’ll need to place solar panels which come with these generators in place that have access to sunlight. These solar panels will collect sunlight then convert the sunlight into energy that is usable. Bigger solar panels collect more sunlight which means that the amount of energy produced is high.

When one needs to charge the generator while there is no sufficient sunlight, he/she can use the car battery or an AC wall outlet. You should check whether all cables and wires are included with the portable solar unit before purchasing the generators. When buying a solar generator kit, he/she has no need of buying additional wiring.