Trickle Charging a Car Battery Using a Solar Panel

How often have you attempted to start your car only to discover that the battery was dead?  Even with out leaving the lights on? A Car Battery will little by little, over time, discharge so much energy that your engine may not start. Did you know that solar power can ensure that the battery is consistently topped off and able to go?

In the conventional use of Solar Power big panels where placed on rooftops to provide power for home. However advances in solar technology and demand for portable power has created a device that enables you to use a solar panel to charge your car battery. This is an incredibly important device and that does not require external sources of power. They are easily set up and also easy to take wherever and whenever.

A solar trickle battery charger can be used with most vehicles. They are like a battery pack for your car. It uses the sun to provide a maintenance-level charge to the battery of your vehicle without overcharging the battery. Solar chargers over 5 watts (and occasionally the actual 5 watt) needs a solar controller to cope with the output, and to stop overcharging.


Portable Solar Panels that have been customized for trickle charging have the following important features.

  • Easy Mounting
  • Efficiency rate
  • Covered in tempered solar glass
  • Interchangeable clamps and Cigarette Cable
  • LED
  • Blocking Diode to avoid reverse charging.

How to Use a Solar Trickle Charger

To operate, simply place the solar cell on your dashboard and plug in the cord to your cigarette lighter socket. The LED light will turn on and your car battery will be receiving power from your charger.

Solar chargers cannot only be used only in the summertime when the sun is the strongest. These chargers can still be very useful during the winter months. As long as the sun is out it will be providing some level of power to the solar charger. Even overcast and cloudy days can give your solar charger enough energy to provide a trickle of power to your automobile battery. The only time a solar charger will not work at all is during the night when there is not sun to provide power.

The trickle charger will provide continuous power to your car battery and prevent a dead battery. Trickle chargers can be a great source of energy to your car’s battery when it needs it the most. They are easier than jumper cables to use, simply plug it into your cigarette lighter and you are done. It is simply like having an extra battery pack attached to the inside of your car, RV, or truck.

Advantages of Solar Trickle Chargers

  • Extends the life of your existing battery

A solar charger will save on the cost of buying a new battery.

  • Requires Little Space

The size of the solar charger is not very big and it can easily fit on the dash of most vehicles. The trickle chargers can be used with battery banks, which allow the user to have energy in reserve for when the sun goes down. After the sun goes down, the solar charger can no longer gather energy.

  • Withstands Effects of Weather

Another advantage of a is that they are able to withstand the effects of weather. You can even put the charger on the roof of your car, truck, RV or mobile home.

  • It can charger other devices

Another great advantage is the ability to charge your AA batteries, which can be used for various electronic devices. Trickle chargers can even help those larger batteries used by your vehicles make it through the winter.

  • Easy to Use

It is a Plug and Play device that is easy to use even for the less technically inclined.

  • Inexpensive

An added benefit of solar powered chargers is that they are inexpensive. After you initial purchaser your solar charger will not cost you a dime because they run off of the sun’s energy and do not use electricity at all.

  • Disaster Readiness

Solar chargers make the perfect addition to your disaster readiness kit.

  • Clean Source of Energy

Solar chargers quite simply require the suns rays to start charging your batteries and should be positioned in a place where in it can obtain the greatest amount of sunlight.