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Lithium vs AGM Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

A battery bank is an essential component for any boat. It provides power to the entire electrical system on board, which includes bilge pumps, navigation equipment, and more. There are many different types of batteries available on the market today, which makes it very difficult for first-time buyers to choose the right one. Furthermore, marine … Read more

Charging a Boat Battery with a Solar Panel

The modern boat requires electrical power to run many applications on it including the fish finder, the pump and for propulsion. A boat can run on two batteries one for trolling and the other one for cranking i.e starting the engine.   After a long day on the boat you will need to recharge your … Read more

Best Solar Charger Kit for Boat Battery

A reliable battery is one of the most important parts of your boat. You want to find you battery ready to go when taking your boat out for a ride.  But you don’t want to haul out your heavy boat battery to your house or cabin each time you want to charge it.  A solar … Read more

What is the Difference between Deep Cycle and Starter batteries?

The most important thing to consider before buying is the use to which you will put the battery once you own it. Then match the construction of the battery to its intended use. While both deep cycle batteries and starter batteries are lead acid batteries their uses totally differ and are different in how they … Read more

What is the Best Marine Battery for Solar

Sunlight is only available for a couple of hours each day for meaningful use with solar panels.  You’ll need to store the excess energy for later use at night or when there is no sunlight or pull constant power and even in bad weather conditions.  So you need a battery that will provide long periods … Read more