Best Solar Powered Gifts

Planning on getting a gift for you dad or friend or loved ones for the loves. Well, if he or she is a solar enthusiast or has interests in green energy you might have your work cut out for you. While it would be impossible to gift out an entire solar systems, you can gift some of the components or a gadgets that are solar powered.

Below is a list of solar powered gifts that you can get for under $50.

1. Solar Phone charger

A Solar Phone charger allows you to charge your phone anywhere by using the power of the sun. The charger simply needs to face the sun and hook it up to your phone. This is also a great gift for people who love camping and the outdoors. It can also be considered in an emergency pack.

Woman holding Solar panel charger for phone
Woman holding Solar panel charger for phone

The Nekteck Solar charger

A highly efficient portable and foldable solar panel that  allows for fast charging of up to two phones simultaneously. 

Great for outdoor use it has a PET polymer cover that makes it water and dust resistant. 

You can use it to charge your phone direct or charging a backpack.


2. Solar Powered Toy

If you like me have a nephew always asking how robots in space are powered then you just might get him the perfect gift. Solar powered robots are fun to have and do not need batteries. They also need to be assembled and this just adds more to the fun.

This is a great to for kids between 8 and 14 years old.

Lucky Dough Solar Robot

This science kit has a set of 190 pieces that can build up to 12 different robot types.

The kits helps a child build a solid foundation in STEM subjects.

It is also fun to play with and of course solar powered and can also be recharged with a battery. 

3. Solar Battery charger

If you don’t use your car often or leave in the garage too long, you may find a dead battery. You may save the battery by Jump starting it but this might be a tedious process and sometimes may not work. A solar battery charger will charge your battery when not in use and maintain the charge. It works by trickle charging which means it charges the battery at it’s discharge rate making sure it topped off and ready to go when you switch the engine on.

This can make a great gift for people who don’t often use their cars or even people with boats and motorcycles they live in their cabins for long periods of time.

Suner Power 12V Solar Charger

Small size allows it to be used on the go.

Weather Proof

Overcharge Protection

4. Solar lights

Solar lights help illuminate the outdoors with the use of Solar Energy. They require little to no wiring and can light up and entire garden or pathway and can make a great addition to the landscaping.

Solar Dancing Flame Lantern

Get this solar lantern light to create an ambiance for pathway, patio, wall or stairs. Easy to nstall just need to hook the hanging lamp with a circular ring. It also requires no wiring and can work upto 15 hours with just under 4 hours of sunlight. 

It is also made of ABS plastic that makes it waterproof for any season. 

5. Solar Reading Light

A Solar reading light gives you the power to read anyway as it adds the convenience of portability and ability to recharge in the outdoors. An ideal and unique gift for someone who enjoys traveling and reading.

Glovion Solar Reading Light

Get a Solar powered Reading light that has a flexible neck and allows you to clip on a book when reading. The Reading light is solar powered but also USB rechargeable.

It has two brightness settings; low and high to choose the best reading setting. 

It is lightweight, compact and small in size making it a great gift for someone who enjoys reading while on the go.

6. Solar Speaker

A blue tooth speaker allows you to enjoy music while on the go. What if you can combine the speaker, a power bank and a solar panel in one device wouldn’t this make a great gift. This Tidalpool Solar Soundbar allows someone to listen to music while charging their devices while in the outdoors.

The Original Sound Bar

Enjoy the outdoors with over 50 hours of play time and 5000 mAh Capacity powerbank that will ensure charge for the speaker plus your other devices like phone and camera through USB ports. 

With Wireless Bluetooth technology  it can play music up to 50 feet away from the source. It has a micro SD port and AUX port for preloading music and a built in microphone for taking calls.

The manufacturer also gives a 18 month warranty and a return policy. 

7. Solar Power bank

A portable power bank is a useful power back up tool for devices . A solar power bank is even better as you can easily recharge with solar energy. Getting one with a high capacity is great as it stores more power and allows for more time in the outdoors.

lady holding up a solar power bank and phone

A solar power bank will make a great gift for someone who is constantly on their phone and always needs a recharge.

Dizaul Solar Power Bank

The Dizaul Solar charger is a wireless 18W 10000 mAh Power Bank. It has a USB Charger and Type C input and Output which makes it compatible with iPhones, Samsung Smartphones and most Android phones. 

A perfect gadget for the outdoors and backpacking with a 5w to 10w wireless recharging capability.  


8. Solar Panel Kit

Another great gift for people who enjoy the outdoors and especially those who use campers.

It useful for charging small devices like phones and cameras and can be used to trickle charge camper and marine batteries.

TP Solar Kit

A small portable solar Panel kit with the all the components of a solar system including a 20 watts solar panel, a charge controller, alligator clips and O-ring terminal to connect the battery. 

It useful for charging small devices like phones and cameras and can be used to trickle charge car and marine batteries.

9. Solar Flash Light & Radio

A flashlight is a tool that comes in handy in emergency situations. A flashlight that is solar powered only needs the sun’s energy to recharge and thus will be a great addition to an emergency kit when someone is disconnected from the grid for long periods of time.

This is a gift that can make life easier for someone who lives in places susceptible to storms and tornados and may require an emergency tool when disconnected from the grid.

FosPower Emergency Radio

Get a a Solar Powered NOAA Weather Radio for emergencies with a bonus of a led flashlight, reading lamp and 2000mAh Powerbank. It also comes with a USB Charger and SOS Alarm. 

It is solar powered but also has a radio crank lever that is able to recharge the radio,lights and SOS alarm. The AAA batteries also ensure you have power when unable to recharge. 

Great gift for someone who lives in an area that experiences storms and may be disconnected for days.

10. Solar Powered Camping Lantern

Last but not least is the Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern that can be set on a table or hanged from a vantage point. This light is great value and collapsible making it easy to stick to your pocket.

Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Light

An LED light that is great for the outdoors and that can also be used in the Patio. It Solar rechargeable but can also be charged via USB. 

It is collapsible making it compact and easy to move around with.

It also has a flashlight and can be used as an emergency power bank. 

We hope you’ve found a great gift to give to your loved ones if not browse around our site and get more options for solar powered devices and their components. You can also go to our Recommended Products sections on our Homepage and choose from a variety of our selections in different categories.

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