What Solar Generator to Run a Blender 

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When you live off the grid, there are probably a few things you don’t miss. A blender is not one of them. You need your blender to make soups, smoothies, and other recipes. So what solar generator can do you need to run a blender?

A blender will require different power outputs depending on its capabilities and tasks at hand. Blending frozen fruit will require as much power as running a microwave in your kitchen. But if you just making a smoothie from fruit you just need 400 Watts of power. 

This is similar power requirements to a refrigerator but you don’t need to run it for this long.

What Size Solar Generator to Run a Blender?

You will pick a solar generator much like how you pick an inverter; you need an inverter that’s rated higher than your blender. So you need an inverter that is at least 500 watts. 

To run a 400-Watt Blender you’ll need a 500-Watt Solar Generator. This Solar Generator will run the Blender for 1 hour. With the addition of a 200W solar panel, you can the Blender for up to 1 hour and 25 minutes.

With the 200-watt solar panel hooked to the solar generator, you can run the blender for 25 minutes without depleting any of the solar generator’s capacity as it supports pass-through charging. 

How Long Will a 500-Watt Solar Generator Run a Blender?

Electricity is typically measured in watt-hours (Wh). To calculate the watt-hours used by an appliance, you need to multiply the wattage of the appliance by the number of hours it is used. 

For example, you will need 3 minutes to make a smoothie

For 3 minutes you’ll need: 

(3/60) x 400 = 20Wh

If you want to use a blender for 3 minutes, you will need 40 watt-hours of electricity. To run a blender for a full hour you’ll need 400Wh of energy. 

Depending on the power factor of the inverter this could be lower we use a general number of 0.85 but this can be higher in some inverters. 

For example to get the running time for a 400-watt blender

= (500*0.85)/400

= 1.06 hrs

A 500-watt solar generator will run the blender for around 1 hr.

You will most likely not be running your solar generator for an hour.  But you can use it over 20 times with the 500-watt solar generator or you can add other appliances to the solar generator. 

How Long Will it last with a 200-watt solar panel?

A 200-watt Solar panel can provide 600 Watt-hours in 3 hours to fully charge the battery in around four hours. This will depend on the availability of sunlight. 3 hours of sunlight in an ideal situation should provide 600Wh enough to recharge the solar generator. But because of efficiency losses and overcast periods, this can take longer. 

With a solar panel, you have extra 200 watts going to the solar generator available for the blender. 

= (200*0.85)/400

= 0.42 hrs

With a 200-watt solar panel hooked to the solar generator the blender for almost an hour or around 1 hr 25 minutes.

If you use your blender for short periods of time even for like 25 minutes the solar panel can provide enough power for the blender and leave the solar generator fully charged. This is 8 rounds of smoothies. 


Blenders are a must-have for people who enjoy blending smoothies, shakes, and other drinks. If you are off-grid using a solar generator can power your blender several time

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