Why You are Not Ready to Replace AGM with Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are better than Lead Acid batteries in more ways than one. They are more efficient when charging, high a higher energy density, are lightweight, and last longer. Moving from Lithium to Lead-acid is an upgrade that has happened in electric vehicles, in backup systems and is the technology powering your everyday devices like … Read more

Can You Use Car Batteries for Solar Power Storage

Solar energy is only available during the daytime which means you can’t use it during the night. You, therefore, need to store this energy for later use at night and in overcast times when there is cloud cover and your panels are not producing as much. Hence the need for batteries. Car batteries are cheap … Read more

Do Solar Phone Chargers Actually Work

We are constantly on our phones checking for messages, browsing the internet, gaming and watching videos.  These activities drain your phone and you will need to recharge the battery more than once in a day.  A phone battery can run out at inopportune times and you may not have access to a power source or … Read more

Can You Charge a Boat Battery with a Solar Panel

The modern boat requires electrical power to run many applications on it including the fish finder, the pump, and for propulsion. A boat can run on two batteries one for trolling and the other one for cranking i.e starting the engine.   After a long day on the boat, you will need to recharge your … Read more

Can You Charge a Motorcycle Battery Using a Solar Panel

Except for maybe, a few most people won’t use their bikes for all the seasons and definitely not in the winter season. But leaving your motorcycle unused for a long period of time and you will get a flat battery. This means that it will not be ready to go and you’ll need to jump … Read more

Can You Charge a Car Battery using a Solar Panel

Battery chargers enhance the performance of batteries and can extend the life of the battery. Car batteries will discharge even when not in use as devices like alarms and clocks will continue to discharge the battery. Car batteries can also be used to store power to a certain extent. The standard car battery is rated … Read more

Best Lithium Iron-Phosphate Deep Cycle Off-Grid Batteries

While lead-acid makes for a great hobby when living off-grid; adding distilled water, venting for dangerous gasses, and the heavy lifting.  Well if you enjoy that type of stuff you don’t need to be switching to lithium.  Lithium batteries remove the hassle of having to keep track of your batteries all the time. LifePO4 batteries … Read more

How to Protect and Maintain your Solar Batteries

Taking care of solar batteries ensures you prolong their life, reduces your costs and ensure you avoid issues with your system.  These problems include your battery draining, overheating, gassing and even a dead battery. We have listed some of the devices and methods you can use to protect your battery and have an efficient solar … Read more

Solar Battery Tender Review

Deltran Battery tender has been in business for almost 50 years and has provided iconic and well-known battery chargers.  For a company that pegged itself on innovation, the solar battery tender remained unchanged over a long period of time.  First of all it only came with mounting screws and you obviously can’t screw on your … Read more

How to Set Up a Solar Charge Controller for a Battery Bank

Solar Panel Sizing and Wiring The Solar panels may come with MC4 connectors. Don’t cut these connectors as it may void the warranty.  Rather buy two extension cables with bear sides and one with male and female connector. Use the bear side to connect directly to the controller. To connect multiple solar panels in series … Read more