BLUETTI EB180 1000 Watt Portable Power Station


Utilizing the latest high energy density lithium-ion battery technology the EB180 provides a huge 1800 watt-hour of electricity from both its rated 1000W AC pure sine wave inverter, 12V 10A car DC output socket, 4 x USB ports (3.0A per pair) and NEW Type-C port (45W) to power and charge newer laptops and smartphones with this protocol. A Type-C cable is included. The generator contains 230 V inverter with pure sine wave 1000 W/230 V I LI-NiMnCo battery 1800 Wh/125 Ah 12 V I solar charge controller MPPT 16-60 V/10 A approx. 400-500 W solar power.

Recharging the EB180 is safe, quick, and easy using the included AC adapter or from solar using the supplied cable. With a built MPPT solar controller the EB180 can be charged with a 500-watt solar array making this solar generator ideal for off-grid/remote power alternatives, particularly as a clean, sustainable and economical substitute to gasoline or diesel generators.

With a massive capacity of 1800Wh and 1000W inverter, EB180 is specially designed for high-power devices such as drills, hairdryers, and it is an ideal choice to meet your basic needs for camping or on the road. At the same time, the built-in top-brand lithium polymer battery cell ensures you higher safety & quality.

Auto-level Battery Cell, 2000 Life Cycle

We use the top brand lithium-ion battery cell, it has a longer lifetime (over 2000 ), and higher discharge rate, and better heat dissipation.
We built in BMS(battery management system), it has over-load/ over-current/ over-temperature/ over voltage/ low-voltage/short circuit protection
Strict QC control and top Components ensure quality and safety.

Powerful Solar Generator

With a wide solar charging range of 16-60V(OCV), you can connect multiple solar panels in series to provide Max.500W solar energy, and the pre-installed MPPT controller enables the recharging speed 40% faster. Making use of the sun, recharging way in green, easy and convenient. We recommend BLUETTI SP120 (120W) or BLUETTI SP200 (200W) solar panel.

Multiple Ports for Any Needs

EB180 features 2 x household sockets 230 V, 4 x USB 5 V/3 A, 1 x USB type C, 1 x cigarette lighter 12 V/9 A, charging the high-performance battery via solar panel 16 – 60 V or power supply.

Two Recharging ways

AC Adapter (200W Charger Included): About 9 Hrs ;
Solar Panel (Not included): Solar input up to 500W/OCV 16-60v, eg: 8-9 Hrs( via 2pcs BLUETTI SP120 120W); 4-5 Hrs( via 2pcs BLUETTI SP200 200W) ;


Wattage: 900-999 W
Voltage: 100-120V
System Configuration: Off-Grid
Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Protection Properties: Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection
Power: 901-1000 W
Plug Type: US plug
Model Number: EB180
Current Type: AC/DC
Current Rating: 8A
Current Output: 3A-10A
Connector Type: MC4
Color: Black
Charging Mode: BMS

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