What Can a 30-watt Solar Panel Power

A 30-watt solar panel is a basic and small-sized solar panel. It’s perfect for DIY projects for beginners when using a small capacity battery. A single 30-watt module will be around 24 inches in length by 13.8 inches in width with a depth of 0.7 inches. This module will also weigh just under 4lbs.  Some … Read more

A Guide to Charging a 12v Battery at Home

One of the most common battery types on the road today is the 12-volt battery. These batteries have been present since World War II and are used in trucks, cars, motorcycles, tractors, etc. They can either be placed standalone or in combination with other batteries to meet the specific on-demand requirements. A 12-volt battery contains … Read more

Can a Solar Generator Power an Air Conditioner

Air conditioners can add much-needed comfort to a home during the hot summer months. Yet in order to keep cool, you will need a dedicated power source as it consumes a lot of power. This article takes a look at some of the best solutions for running an air conditioner off-grid and how they can … Read more

How to Charge Lithium Iron Phosphate Deep Cycle Batteries

In the past decade, Lithium-ion batteries have become a prominent part of our daily lives, not only in personal devices such as laptops and cell phones but also in the industries energy storage sector. These batteries continue to make an impact on the storage unit industry by providing consumers with safer and more reliable energy … Read more

How Many Lithium Batteries to Power a House

Lithium batteries are safer, charge faster, and won’t occupy as much space as Lead-acid batteries. The biggest advantage is that you can almost use 100% capacity of a lithium-ion battery compared to 50% of a lead-acid battery. This means that a lithium battery of the same capacity as a lead-acid battery will have almost twice … Read more

What Can a 1000-watt Solar Generator System Power

When choosing a power backup solution you are looking for an option to power your lifestyle. A backup that can allow you to watch tv, work from home, make coffee, and still have some juice for your phone. Solar generators are a great option as they are renewable and environmentally friendly. The option to recharge … Read more

What can a 500-watt Solar Generator Run?

Solar generators provide an excellent backup power solution for running devices both at home and outdoors. Because they rely on solar energy to charge, you never have to worry about your device running out of power. When looking to get reliable power in the outdoors you need to find a balance between portability and capability. … Read more

What Can a 300-Watt Solar Generator Run?

Solar Generators are an awesome option when you want to power your devices at home or outdoors. With a solar generator, you won’t have to worry about your devices running out of power as the power station offers an amazing backup solution. The fact that you can use solar energy to recharge it is another … Read more

How Much Solar Power You Need to Make that Cup of Coffee

Coffee is the world’s favorite drink. It has been for centuries, and it will be for many more to come. There are many different ways of brewing coffee and each has different power consumption and with some not requiring any electricity at all.   A typical solar generator size is about 250Wh with an Inverter capable … Read more