How to Set Up a Solar Charge Controller for a Battery Bank

Solar Panel Sizing and Wiring The Solar panels may come with MC4 connectors. Don’t cut these connectors as it may void the warranty.  Rather buy two extension cables with bear sides and one with male and female connector. Use the bear side to connect directly to the controller. To connect multiple solar panels in series … Read more

Do You Need a Special Charge Controller for LiFePO4 Batteries

A solar charge controller is an integral part of a solar system and is described as the ‘heart’ of the solar setup.  They ensure the battery is protected and charged and power is harvested from the solar array. Lithium batteries are a new addition to the solar PV market with Lead-acid batteries have been the … Read more

Is a MPPT Controller better than a PWM Charge Controller

MPPT is an automatic algorithm that utilizes Maximum Power Point Tracking technology to get the maximum power from solar modules. This is the main difference between the PWM and the MPPT controller. The PWM or Pulse Width Modulation controller acts as a switch that turns on and off the connection to protect the battery. Tracking … Read more

Best Value MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Adding a MPPT Charge Controller to your system not only protects your battery but it also gives a boost to the power produced in the system. Any MPPT Controller you get can will work provided it meets some basic technical standards. But they don’t come cheap and you don’t want to get stuck with one … Read more