Can You Power an Electric Kettle Off a 200Ah Battery

A 200Ah battery can be used to power a variety of larger appliances in your home. An electric kettle is essential for your coffee or when you need safe drinking water. So can you rely on 200Ah lithium for running an electric kettle?

An electric kettle does not require that much power to run with 2 minutes to bring to a boil; a 200Ah battery is more than enough to use a couple of times a day. 

We take through the numbers in this article

Power Consumption of an Electric Kettle 

 If you want an electric kettle that boils water quickly, then look for one with a high wattage of around 1500 Watts. You can opt for a low-wattage kettle but it will take longer.  

Electric kettle Energy Requirement 

When you are determining how much energy a device uses, you must consider the amount of time that it will be used. A Watt-hour is a product of multiplying a device’s wattage by its run time in hours. To calculate Watt-Hours you multiply the Wattage of the device or appliance and multiply by the number of hours you use the device. 

Watt-Hours = Watts X Hours 

If you want to use an electric kettle for 1 hour you will need 1500Wh. 

How Many Amps Does an Electric Kettle Draw?

A 1500-watt electric kettle will need around 12.50 amps to run when using it from the standard 120V outlet. This is the number of amps that it will be drawing from the inverter. Depending on the DC voltage of the inverter you can calculate the number of amps the electric kettle will be drawing through the inverter.

To calculate Amp-hours you divide the Watt-hours by the voltage. 

The voltage in a battery bank is usually between 12v and 24v depending on how you wire the system. 

To find the size of the battery, you divide the watt-hours by the voltage. In the case, you have a 12-volt system, so you divide 900Wh by 12V and for the 24V system, you divide by 24V. 

1500/12 = 125 Amps

You’ll need a battery that can safely pull 125 amps (huge amps). Depending on the power factor of the inverter may need more than this. 

So can a 200Ah battery support 125 amps?

How Many Amps Can You Draw from a 200Ah Battery?

A Deep Cycle Battery battery is intended to produce the charge for a long period of time like 20 hours. So for a 200 Ah battery, it should produce at least 10 amps over a 20-hour period. 

However, you can go higher or lower depending on the appliance you are using.  Deep cycle batteries are recommended to be discharged at 20% of their capacity so for a 200 Ah battery the max discharge per hour would be 40 amps meaning it can last 5 hours.

How many watt-hours is a 200 Ah Battery 

You can use the following formula to determine how many watts can be drawn from a battery.

Watts = Volts x Amps

So if your battery is 12v and has a 200 Ah capacity, then you can draw 2400 Watts from it. This is for the full battery cycle. With the 40 amps max draw it means you can get 480 watts max per hour. You can push this to 50 amps or 600 watts per hour with LiFePO4 batteries. 

How Long Can a 200Ah Battery Run a 1500-watt Electric Kettle?

We already know the battery can support 480 watts but we need 1500 watts for the electric kettle to run for an hour. So how long is 480 watts? 

(480/1500) = 0.32 hrs 

In minutes 0.32 x 60 = 19.2 minutes 

A 200Ah 12v battery will run an electric kettle for 19 minutes. This is without any other appliance drawing power from the battery.

The good news is you just need around 3 minutes to bring water to boiling point with an electric kettle. This means you can use your electric kettle up to 6 times. You can also add a coffee maker into the mix and make a few cups of coffee.

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