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How to Size a Lithium Battery Bank

Batteries are a great addition to backup power when you don’t have access to power from the grid. And if you ever lose power due to a storm or any other emergency situation, it is crucial that you have enough storage capacity in your battery bank. A battery bank should run all of your essential … Read more

Maxoak Powerbank For Laptops Review

The Maxoak power bank is a small 50ah Lithium-ion Polymer battery but a massive 50000mAh power bank with DC outlets for charging your laptop and portable devices. It comes with 14  interchangeable connectors, which allow it to be usable for most laptop brands than other models on the market. Pros Huge 50000mAh Capacity Automatically turns … Read more

Lithium vs AGM Marine Battery

A battery bank is an essential component for any boat. It provides power to the entire electrical system on board, which includes bilge pumps, navigation equipment, and more. There are many different types of batteries available on the market today, which makes it very difficult for first-time buyers to choose the right one. Furthermore, marine … Read more

Types of Lithium-ion Battery Chemistries and Applications

Lithium batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that uses lithium-ion technology . The most common types you will find in the market is the  lithium-ion used in electric vehicles , lithium-iron phosphate used for off grid and renewable energy applications, and lithium metal polymer that you find in our portable devices such as phones. … Read more

Why You are Not Ready to Upgrade to RV Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are better than Lead Acid batteries in more ways than one. They are more efficient when charging, high a higher energy density, are lightweight, and last longer. Moving from Lithium to Lead-acid is an upgrade that has happened in electric vehicles, in backup systems and is the technology powering your everyday devices like … Read more

What are the Best Lithium Car Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are in most of the devices we use nowadays including phones, laptops and even scooters. This is owing to the batteries lightweight, faster charging and efficiency. Lithium batteries have also led to the growing Electric Vehicles industries and Hybrids that mostly use Li-Ion batteries. So can you use Lithium batteries on your non-electric … Read more

Can You Use Car Batteries for Solar

Solar energy is only available during the daytime which means you can’t use it during the night. You therefore need to store this energy for later use at night and in overcast times when there is cloud cover and you panels are not producing as much. Hence the need for batteries. Car batteries are cheap … Read more

A Guide on Charging a phone with a Solar Panel

We are constantly on our phones checking for messages, browsing the internet, gaming and watching videos.  These activities drain your phone and you will need to recharge the battery more than once in a day.  A phone battery can run out at inopportune times and you may not have access to a power source or … Read more

Charging RV Batteries Using a Solar Panel

Your RV Battery can be charged through the alternator when driving, shore power or via a battery charger at home.  The Alternator is not a good option if you won’t be driving for long period of times and only offers a trickle charge to the RV batteries. Shore power will require hook ups on campsites … Read more

Charging a Boat Battery with a Solar Panel

The modern boat requires electrical power to run many applications on it including the fish finder, the pump and for propulsion. A boat can run on two batteries one for trolling and the other one for cranking i.e starting the engine.   After a long day on the boat you will need to recharge your … Read more