Renewable energy vs Non renewable energy

Fortunately for us, we are born in a world where people have discovered and maximized other forms of energy. Fortunately enough for the environment, these forms are renewable energy, and produce no hazardous by-product. Although the agents of non-renewable forms of energy have presented alternatives such as natural gas and clean coal, still the benefits … Read more

Benefits of Using Alternative Energy Sources

As Climate change takes its toll there is an obvious need to harness alternative or renewable energy forms to prevent formation of greenhouse gases that are released in the environment. These alternative sources of energy offer several indirect and direct economic advantages on the macro and micro level. Over time, there has been discussion on … Read more

The solar industry and the Underwriters Laboratory

The Underwriters Laboratories Inc, or UL, is an independent global company that provides safety certifications in the following fields:  Safety, Environment, Health, Knowledge and Verification. It encompasses development of different standard tests and procedures for different products. UL and Renewable Energy The Laboratories have played a major role in the verification of the energy efficiency … Read more

Solar and other renewable energy sources

As many of the world’s power supply is produced from fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal, these energy sources face many challenges, such as increasing prices. Due to these and more issues that face energy sources, consumers, businesses, and governments are increasingly supporting the development of alternative energy sources and the new … Read more

How to reduce your power bill with small lifestyle changes

Reducing energy consumption and consequently costs in our homes is a goal in most households.  Power bills are increasing as our power dependent lifestyles increases the need for more power in our homes.  Home appliances are being optimized to work better and reduce unnecessary power consumption.  But there is space for more improvements, becoming energy … Read more

How to Reduce your Power Bill Using Solar

Paying your electric bill every month is something you are going to have to do forever unless you do one of two things. The first option is to live without electricity, and honestly that’s not really an option that you want to explore. The other option is to buy a solar power system for your … Read more

How Feed in Tariff Works

Since its introduction around three decades ago, the feed-in tariff scheme has garnered interest from different sectors all over the world. This article answers the most important questions regarding feed-in tariff policies and procedures. What is Feed-In Tariff? Feed-In Tariff, also known as FIT, is the fee paid to anyone who sells renewable energy to … Read more

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