12v Solar Battery Charger for specialized uses

12v Solar Battery Charger for specialized uses

Using a solar charger is also a great way to be environmentally conscious. Solar energy is a natural resource that everyone could easily be utilizing. It is free to use and with today’s technology solar chargers are very easy to operate.Instead of using electric chargers to recharge your portable devices, you can use a solar charger. Your solar charger can be used to charge batteries or the actual device

A 12v solar charger is a portable energy device that can charge your batteries. It uses the sun as its energy source. These portable solar devices are easy to use and are a great mobile energy source. A 12v solar device can be used to charge all of the commonly used battery types including: AAA, AA, C, D and 9 volt.

Portable Solar Power Bank on the Beach
Portable solar power bank with solar panel is on the beach

Advantages of 12v Solar Battery Chargers

Fast Charging

A 12 V solar battery can come in a variety of configurations and be used for many different applications. For example it can come in a 15 W capability, an 18 W capability or other wattages. It simply depends upon what you are attempting to achieve of course the higher the wattage the faster you will charge your device.

Can Charge Various devices.

The benefit of using a this solar battery charger is that it can eliminate all of these specialty chargers that are designed for individual devices such as cell phones, cars, laptops, iPods, and other consumer devices.


Because solar chargers are so portable, you can easily take them anywhere you go. Keep one in your car for when you go on road trips. Try leaving one on your boat or in your motor home. It and can even be attached to a backpack to take with you on a hike. Instead of buying another pack of batteries, try a solar charger instead.


Having a backup power source available is convenient, but it can also be providing you safety. If you have the right accessories, a solar power charging system could charge your cell phone and even a heater blanket if needed. Everyone should keep a set of batteries charging on their backup charger, just in case of an emergency.

Hiker using cellphone during trip
Hiker using cellphone during trip

Specialized Types of 12v Solar Battery Chargers

Many specialized types of 12 V chargers exist; solar chargers are now widely used and can work for many years without problems. Solar cell phone battery chargers is another specialty. They provide an alternative to wall power and are used by both off grid, outdoors people, and environmentally conscious consumers. Another specialized 12 V solar battery charger is designed for your car. It is placed on the dashboard and is plugged into the cigarette lighter to provide electricity for battery charging. One of the cool things about this charger is that it prevents the battery from discharging over time if you do not drive your car much.

Another specialized application is to charge digital cameras and camcorders, provided of course they are 12 V devices. The battery must of course be rechargeable and there must be a method of connecting the charger to the camera or camcorder provided you want to recharge the battery while it is in the device. To figure out how long it will take to charge your camera battery take the amperage hours of your camera battery and divide them by the amperage of the charger (Watts divided volts) and add 10%. You will want to choose the charger that takes no more than 20 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge your camera’s battery.

Another use for this charger is charging up your iPhone . You have two options which are to buy products manufactured specifically for the iPhone or buying Universal products that have an iPhone adapter. The advantage of the products manufactured specifically for the iPhone is that the charging amperage is set up specifically for the iPhone. If you use a universal product you will have to make sure that it will not charge your iPhone too fast or overcharge it.

Any charger can get the job done so it really depends upon how many amps you need it to provide, the device you are attempting to charge, and whether or not adapters are available connecting the charger to your device.

To use a solar charger simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Place the solar panel outside

Step 2: Attach the adapter cords

Step 3: Plug in your device or battery charger

You do not have to be an electrician to use a solar charger. They are user friendly and very easy  operate.