What Can a 60-watt Foldable Solar Panel Power

If you’ve ever gone camping, hiking, or just wanted to experience life off the grid, one of the best ways to do this is through solar power. Solar power allows us to use minimal amounts of electricity that can run many portable devices.  A 60 Watt Solar Panel Kit is lightweight and foldable for easy … Read more

What can a 100-Watt Solar Panel Power

More and more people are switching to solar when it comes to generating their own electricity, as the cost of solar panels becomes more reasonable than ever before. However, there are dozens of different types of solar panels around, which may make you wonder what type is the best for your situation. In terms of wattage, … Read more

What Can a 30-watt Solar Panel Power

A 30-watt solar panel is a basic and small-sized solar panel. It’s perfect for DIY projects for beginners when using a small capacity battery. A single 30-watt module will be around 24 inches in length by 13.8 inches in width with a depth of 0.7 inches. This module will also weigh just under 4lbs.  Some … Read more

Do Solar Panels Charge On Cloudy Days

Solar energy produced from a solar panel is determined by how many photons from the sun strike the solar cell, and how many of these photons actually get an electron moving to create a current. This is how a charge from a solar panel is produced. On cloudy cover days, with rain, humidity, air pollution, … Read more

Best 100 Watt Portable Foldable Solar Chargers

Solar Panel Chargers offer the convenience of power in the outdoors without having to go to a power outlet. You only need the sun. But with more power come bigger solar panels. This can be bulky and can occupy so much space when not in use (which is all night or when traveling).  Foldable Solar … Read more

How to Size a Portable Solar Charger

Solar panels give you the benefit to recharge your batteries without being near a power source. As long as you have sunshine you can recharge. This is especially when you camping in the outdoors. But how much power does a portable solar charger produce and which ones can be reliable for what you intend to … Read more