11 Biggest Solar Power Plants Around the Globe

Solar is among the fastest-growing renewable energy sources globally, with nations starting a race to assert this growing industry supremacy. Recent improvements in Solar Technology has increased efficiency and Capacity. Solar power capacity has risen by about 60% over the last five years, increasing to more than 485.82GW. The energy profiles the largest operating solar energy sites in the globe grounded on the installed capacity. 

The largest ‘solar parks’ currently have about 2 GW producing volume and are increasing towards 5 GW. However, this energy output is distributed by several solar plants, usually of 10 to 250 MW each. A solar plant is primarily a generating station designed by a single developer, usually with a discrete export connection to the grid. In some cases, it may be configured on many plots of land, and big solar plants are built in phases.

The following are the 10 biggest solar power plants across the world;

1. The Desert Sunlight Solar Farm

This solar plant is situated in California, United States that is owned by Nextera Energy Resources, GE Power Financial Services, and Sumitomo American Corporation. This plant was commissioned in 2013 with about eight million panels, which produces enough energy supplied to 160,000 households.

Desert Sunlight Solar Farm Image Credit: powermag.com

2. Topaz Solar Farm

This solar power plant is situated in California, United States. This 550MW power site was developed by BHE Renewables in 2012. The plant was custom-built in 2014 and is said to extend 4,700 land areas with about more than 8 million solar modules. This power plant supplies power to nearly 180,000 homes in California.

3. The Solar Star Projects

This solar power plant constitutes segments in Los Angeles and the Kern counties, respectively, Rosamond, California, in the United States. The schemes are characterized by capacity energy of 579MW and constitute 1.7 million energy modules installed in 3,200 acres of land.

These were developed by the SunPower Corporation and was owned by the BHE Renewables. The project was completed in 2015 and supplied electricity to about 255 000 households. These projects have SunPower Oasis Energy Plant with the panels that tap sun in the daytime, increasing the energy by about 25%.

4. Kamuthi Solar Power Station in India

This solar power plant is located in India has about a total production energy capacity of 648MW. The power plant covering approximately 2500 acres of land and comprises millions of panels. The energy plant is approximated to supply adequate energy for 750 000 homes.

This solar plant station was finished in 2016 at about 680 million dollars. 

It was built in about eight months by 8500 workers. This power plant includes foundations and uses 6,000km of cables, 154 transformers, and 576 inverters. This power plant is cleaned daily using the robot system charged by panels. The plant’s energy was distributed to 400kV Kamuthi substations operated by Tatransco and distributed to about 265,000 households.

5. The Enel Villanueva PV Plant in Mexico

This power plant is situated in Coahuila. This photovoltaic plant constitutes of 2.5 million panels that are installed across the 2,400 ha of land. The power plant has 828 MW capacity and became wholly operational in 2018 to produce 2,000GWh annually. The Group invested about $710 million in the building of the Villanueva.

This power site’s initial capacity was 754 MW that was later rose to 828MW because of the 10% extension capacity alternative added in the energy sales agreements. Enel deployed an unexceptional pilot program through digital technologies and the automation of the power site’s construction. The program includes using the controlled GPS devices for the moving earth, drones for performing 3D topography, and the robots for the installation of automatic solar panels.

6. Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park in India

This power plant is located in Andhra Pradesh. With a producing capacity of 1000 MW, this solar plant was constructed using an investment of about $1billion. The SBG Cleantech project implemented the power project with 350MW, Azure Power (100MW), Prayatna Developers (50MW), and Greenko Group (500MW). About 4m panels installed, each park has a capacity of a range of 315W to 320W. The plant produces more than 8m kWh of power during sunlit days, enough to meet the energy demand of the Kurnool district.

7. Longyangxia Dam Solar Park in China

This solar plant holds 850MW capacity, enough energy powering 200,000 homes. The plant is located in Qinghai province, Northwestern China, and covers 27km². This site is installed with about 4m solar panels operated by the State Power Investment Corporation with the scheme established by the Hydropower Development and incorporated with 1,280MW Longyangxia hydroelectric power station.

8. Datong Solar Power Top Runner Base in China

This power plant is located in China. This energy plant is one of China’s National Energy Administration plan for developing solar projects in the area. The plant comprises seven 100MW projects, five 50MW projects, and many small capacity projects. About an energy capacity of about1,070MW became operational in 2016 as the expansion of more 600MW was publicized.

9. Yanchi Ningxia Solar park in China

This power plant is situated in China with an installed capacity of about 1,000MW. The plant was opened in 2016 and is considered as the biggest PV array. The site’s SUN2000-50KTL as well as SUN2000-40KTL, smart PV controllers, and PV wireless transmission systems utilize the fiber ring network.

10. Sweihan Photovoltaic Independent Power scheme in UAE

This energy plant is situated in UAE. The plant covers an area of 7.8 km² with a capacity of 1,177MW. The power plant utilizes an inventive module layout design with high monocrystalline efficiency and improvements in the project’s maintenance with less energy production cost.

11. Tengger Desert Solar Park in China

This power plant is situated in Zhongwei Ningxia, covering an area of 1,200km of the Tengger desert. The plant has an energy-producing capacity of 1,547MW. Building began in 2012, and the energy plant became operational in 2017. This plant supplies energy to more than 600,000 households.

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