Portable Solar Panels Kits

Portable Solar Panels Kits

As the world gets more and more reliant on electricity, the amount of energy used goes higher and higher. The worry that pretty soon we will be running low on energy has fueled people to seek out many alternate sources of energy. One of the best alternatives for the energy needs of the world has been solar power.

Earth may have limited energy supplies, but as long as the sun is shining energy will never be too far out of reach. Many people have opted for solar power to power their homes and gain great benefit from it. They reap the benefits of their solar panels every day with the knowledge that their solar panels are saving them money as well as helping the environment.

Photovoltaic power (more commonly known as solar power) continues to evolve and offer sophisticated solutions for real world problems or scenarios. Gone are the days of large and unwieldy setups, photovoltaic power is now available in a minute scope (think iPhone chargers and power adapters) to powerful portable solar panel kits that go anywhere they are needed.

Portable solar panel kits are of particular interest and are applicable for a wide variety of purposes and situations. They have already been included in many products such as calculators, laptop, camera and cell phone chargers, security systems, lanterns, MP3 players and more. They’re lightweight and easily transported which makes them perfect for use on the go. They’re also great in an emergency situation as they can be used to power small equipment.

foldable solar panel
Foldable Solar Panels

These kits come in a variety of watt levels to fit most levels of consumption use. Watt capabilities for portable kits can range from 5 watt charger capabilities to 390 power-house panel kits for residential or workshop capabilities. And how about efficiency? Technologically advanced setups now utilize Lithium Ion Phosphate (LFP) batteries as a superior alternative to traditional lead acid batteries. These systems are 40-60% lighter, last 10 times longer, and 90-110% of their rated stored capacity (how much energy the batteries hold) can be utilized when drained at high rates.

With advancing technology and specifications, portable solar panel kits could easily transform the face of portable and sustainable power for residential, commercial, emergency, and recreational purposes.They are  available in various sizes. It can be used anywhere there is sunlight and there are some devices that can be carried in a purse or backpack. The larger ones can provide the main source of energy or be used as a backup in places where power outage is frequent. For camping or in a cabin in a remote area where a grid is not easy to reach, portable solar power is an inexpensive solution for having lights and power to maintain communication devices.

Portable solar power has very little wiring. Some have plug and play systems where plugs can be plugged in for instant power. Other systems have control panels that are uncomplicated and easy to use. Solar power is easy to understand, and for those who are new to it, they can rest assured that they can become experts in less than half an hour.

There are portable solar kits for medium size use and small use. Medium size use includes marine kits for RVs and boats. It will power navigation gear, bilge pump, lights and other small appliances. They can also be used for laptops and other electronic equipment. On a sail boat, they produce zero carbon foot print. RV solar kits are virtually maintenance free and give uninterrupted power for many years.

Small portable systems are convenient because they will work in any country. Travelers no longer have to worry about the type of outlets they will encounter when they travel to keep their electronic equipment working. There are also inexpensive solar powered toys that are great for kids to take on vacation. Portable solar power is starting to be designed into clothing. A cap with an attached fan will cool the face and the hotter the weather, the faster the fan goes.