Why you need a solar trickle battery charger

Why you need a solar trickle battery charger

A solar trickle battery charger can be used with most vehicles. They are like a battery pack for your car. If you own a solar battery charger you already know the great benefits of solar energy. A trickle charger uses the sun to provide a maintenance-level charge to the battery of your vehicle without overcharging the battery.

Car batteries are constantly being drained of their power. Using a solar charger, you can keep the charge at its peak on your vehicle battery. With a trickle charger, your battery should never need a jump-start. Most trickle chargers are rated for power at 15-volts and come with a built-in diode for reverse current protection. They also have an LED charge indicator to show that the charger is working.

Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger
Sunway Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger

To operate, simply place the solar cell on your dashboard and plug in the cord to your cigarette lighter socket. The LED light will turn on and your car battery will be receiving power from your charger.

Solar chargers do not have to be used only in the summertime when the sun is the strongest. These chargers can still be very useful during the winter months. As long as the sun is out it will be providing some level of power to the solar charger. Even overcast and cloudy days can give your solar charger enough energy to provide a trickle of power to your automobile battery. The only time a solar charger will not work at all is during the night when there is not sun to provide power.

The trickle charger will provide continuous power to your car battery and prevent dead batteries. If you own a mobile solar charger you will not have to use your road side auto assistance to jump start your vehicle, because the battery will constantly be charged from the sun.

Trickle chargers can be a great source of energy to your car’s battery when it needs it the most. They are easier than jumper cables to use, simply plug it into your cigarette lighter and you are done.

Here is an easy way to understand what a solar trickle charger is and what it is capable of doing. Basically, a trickle charger is like having an extra battery pack attached to the inside of your car, RV, or truck.

The advantages to having a trickle charger are simple:

  • A trickle charger extends the life of your existing battery
  • They are inexpensive and easy to use
  • They use very little space

Another advantage is that the actual size of the solar charger is not very big and it can easily fit on the dash of most vehicles.

The trickle chargers can be used with battery banks, which allow the user to have energy in reserve for when the sun goes down. After the sun goes down, the solar charger can no longer gather energy.

Another advantage of a is that they are able to withstand the effects of weather. You can even put the charger on the roof of your car, truck, RV or mobile home.

Another great advantage is the ability to charge your AA batteries, which can be used for various electronic devices. Trickle chargers can even help those larger batteries used by your vehicles make it through the winter.

If you’re looking for a great charger, that is easy to use and economical, you just have to try the trickle type of charger. They are available in a variety of sizes to fit all your needs. Go get your innovative charger today.

An added benefit of solar powered chargers is that they are inexpensive. After you initial purchaser your solar charger will not cost you a dime because they run off of the sun’s energy and do not use electricity at all. Buy a solar trickle charger for your vehicle and start saving time and money today… don’t let another day go buy without having a trickle charger for your vehicle.