12v Deep cycle Battery

12v Deep cycle Battery

A 12 volt deep cycle battery is almost always used in either a solar collector( photovoltaic),  backup power, RV, or boat application. Deep cycle refers to the fact that they will be used for several hours continuously and then recharged over a fairly short period of time. Deep cycle battery types are flooded, gelled and AGM. Flooded deep cycle batteries are also called “wet”. AGM batteries are also called “dry.” . A gelled battery is always sealed and also are valve regulated (slight positive pressure caused by a tiny valve)

12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery: How Long Do They Last?

The lifetime of any battery varies tremendously because of how it is used, maintained, recharged, ambient temperature, depth of discharge, how many times deep cycled and many other factors. So it is really impossible to put a typical lifetime on this battery . The deep cycle (L-. 16 type) average around six years. The gelled battery averages around four years. The AGM type 12 Volt deep cycle battery averages around five years. The premium type such as the Rolls-Surrette averages around 12 years. So when you look for a 12 Volt deep cycle battery it is very important to know which type it is as well as its price in order to know what your lifetime cost of ownership will be.

There are deep cycle batteries in different voltages. The most typical are a 12 Volt deep cycle battery and a 24 V deep cycle battery. Any deep cycle battery can be discharged from totally charged down to 20% charged day after day This is because deep cycle batteries have much thicker plates than other batteries and the plates are solid lead plates rather than sponge. In order to know what you are buying you need to know the thickness of the plates and whether or not they are solid. That will tell you whether or not it is a deep cycle battery designed for continuous use.

12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery: Not a Car Battery

To contrast a 12 Volt deep cycle battery with an automobile battery, the automobile batteries need maximum initial current for a brief period until the engine starts. Automobile batteries have a large number of thin plates comprised of a lead sponge. This gives a very large surface which impacts ignition type starting but deep cycling this type of battery will ruin it quickly, perhaps as quickly as 150 deep discharges. The construction of the automobile battery is just not made to perform as well as a 12 Volt deep cycle battery when used for deep cycling. Use it properly, however, and it will last for years.

Whether or not a battery is truly deep cycle is very hard to tell because the words ”deep cycle” are overused and are not specifically defined  (as to legal definition). Because consumers think of a deep cycle battery as being more heavy duty, manufacturers overuse the “deep cycle battery” term. The most important thing to consider before buying is the use to which you will put the battery once you own it. Then match the construction of the 12 Volt deep cycle battery to its intended use. Finally compare the prices within the proper category in order to know what you are purchasing. Only then can you be certain of getting the right 12 V deep cycle battery for your needs.