Best 1.2 v AA rechargeable batteries for solar lights

Best 1.2 v AA rechargeable batteries for solar lights

The really great advantage of solar lighting is how economical it is. It’s totally free once you’ve paid for the lights and with energy costs constantly on the rise it makes more sense than ever to install them. Solar lights are ideal for gardens, decks, and walkways and can be used anywhere where you would use conventional lighting. They will provide all the lighting you need at zero running costs, and in a matter of months they will have paid for themselves. Advances in the technology of solar lights now mean that they stay bright throughout the entire night and with the added bonus that it won’t be costing you anything. Simply place them in a position to receive sunlight and they will receive a sufficient charge for your lighting requirements.

When it comes to choosing how and what you want to illuminate you will be pleased to know that solar lights come in many designs which cover low or high-level lighting.Convert your driveway with light markers, or use spot lights to highlight any feature of your choice. There are so many different styles, shapes, and sizes that you will be restricted only by your imagination.

Globe lights are an ideal way to bring subtle lighting to your pool, pond, or any water feature you may have.

How Solar Lights Work

A small cell within the unit is energized by the sun’s light and in turn gives charge to a battery. As night approaches the units switch on automatically. The batteries have an extremely long life and should last for years before they need replacing.

The efficacy of the light is dictated by how much sunlight the unit has received during daylight. Therefore, placing the lights in positions where they will receive maximum sunlight will improve their output by night.

Inferior units are prone not to work when the weather has been cloudy or rainy because they have not received a sufficient charge through the day, whereas quality units will provide some level of illumination. A good unit will also be waterproof and so bad weather will not affect them.

In conclusion economics is prime reason for installing solar lights. Not yet mentioned is the ecological benefit to our world. The Earth has limited resources, and by drawing upon the natural source energy of the Sun we are helping save on the use of electricity.

Other benefits are that there is no real installation to be concerned about: no laying of cables, no trenches to dig and no major disturbance to your existing landscape.

Installing standard lighting to your landscape would be hugely expensive, for you would likely have to hire a skilled worker to install them.

The Disadvantages

Perhaps the only disadvantage is the simple fact that standard lighting is usually brighter than solar powered. However, even if you decide that you really must have that extra luminosity it is well worth augmenting such lighting with solar powered lights