Best Solar Car Battery Charger with Overcharge Protection

Car Batteries naturally discharge when not in use. This is a small but constant drain that if overlooked it may drain completely and become dead. This reduces the battery lifespan and you will have to jump start the battery to use again. Modern vehicle have upward of 30 body control modules (computer), alarm system immobilizers … Read more

Solar Panel Chargers for Laptops

A solar charger enables you to harness the power of the sun to charge devices.  However charging a laptop with a solar panel isn’t as straight forward as many hope it will be.  Many are left disappointed when they hook up their solar chargers to their laptops in the hope of charging their devices and … Read more

Best Briefcase Solar Panels for RV Batteries

solar panels titling on a campers roof

The RV life is all about freedom and traveling with your own lodging but this power. With solar panels you don’t have to start a generator which can be nuisance just charge your batteries.  Most applications in a camper are 12v applications that require DC charge to power so with a sufficient solar panel system … Read more

Best Portable Foldable Solar Chargers

When going camping or backpacking in the outdoors you looking for a chance to disconnect from the concrete jungle and connect with nature. But our devices have become part of lives that we cant really go without them. While you don’t want to be on your phone it is important to have a charger with … Read more

Trickle Charging a Car Battery Using a Solar Panel

How often have you attempted to start your car only to discover that the battery was dead?  Even with out leaving the lights on? A Car Battery will little by little, over time, discharge so much energy that your engine may not start. Did you know that solar power can ensure that the battery is … Read more

Tips When Choosing a Portable Solar Charger

Solar energy is emitted by the sun to the Earth’s surface is greater compared to the amount of energy the Earth consumers in a whole year. This immense energy source is poured out to us for free and it would be a crime if we don’t use it productively. To make things easier, solar devices … Read more

Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones that work

Multiple Panel foldable solar charger on table charging phone

If you have ever bought or used a solar cell phone charger then you know about the frustration of getting a phone fully charged using these small solar panels. First of all most of these solar chargers are not rated properly as the manufacturers use the rating from STC (Standard Rating conditions) and use the … Read more

Reasons you need a Solar Car Battery Charger

Cars have been around since the late 1800’s and over time they have evolved and adapted with today’s fast-paced, fuel-efficient economy. Car batteries are designed to be charged up when your engine is running and you never want to them let run down. Car batteries are one of the oldest kinds of rechargeable batteries and … Read more

Sizing Solar Battery Chargers for Charging Batteries

Solar Chargers Produce electricity according to size. The bigger the panel the more power it produces. This however is pegged on efficiency and that’s the general rule. Portable Solar Panels range from the Smallest 5 watt to the highest which can go up to 200 watts. This also dictates the price and would range from … Read more