What Size Solar Panel Do I need for a 12V Battery

The sun is a great source of clean energy. What’s even better is that you can store this energy in batteries – making it available anytime, anywhere. Depending on the size of the system can be used for anything from lighting up your backyard to providing reliable electricity in off-grid homes.  Solar batteries are the … Read more

What Can a 60-watt Foldable Solar Panel Run

If you’ve ever gone camping, hiking, or just wanted to experience life off the grid, one of the best ways to do this is through solar power. Solar power allows us to use minimal amounts of electricity that can run many portable devices.  A 60 Watt Solar Panel Kit is lightweight and foldable for easy … Read more

What can a 100 Watt Solar Panel Run

More and more people are switching to solar when it comes to generating their own electricity, as the cost of solar panels becomes more reasonable than ever before. However, there are dozens of different types of solar panels around, which may make you wonder what type is the best for your situation. In terms of wattage, … Read more

What Can a 30-watt Solar Panel Run

A 30-watt solar panel is a basic and small-sized solar panel. It’s perfect for DIY projects for beginners when using a small capacity battery. A single 30-watt module will be around 24 inches in length by 13.8 inches in width with a depth of 0.7 inches. This module will also weigh just under 4lbs.  Some … Read more

A Guide to Charging a 12v Battery at Home

One of the most common battery types on the road today is the 12-volt battery. These batteries have been present since World War II and are used in trucks, cars, motorcycles, tractors, etc. They can either be placed standalone or in combination with other batteries to meet the specific on-demand requirements. A 12-volt battery contains … Read more

Solar Battery Tender Review

Deltran Battery tender has been in business for almost 50 years and have provided iconic and well known battery chargers.  For a company that pegged itself on innovation the solar battery tender remained unchanged over a long period of time.  First of all it only came with mounting screws and you obviously can’t screw on … Read more

Reasons you need a Solar Car Battery Charger

Cars have been around since the late 1800’s and over time they have evolved and adapted with today’s fast-paced, fuel-efficient economy. Car batteries are designed to be charged up when your engine is running and you never want to them let run down. Car batteries are one of the oldest kinds of rechargeable batteries and … Read more

Sizing Solar Battery Chargers for Charging Batteries

Solar Chargers Produce electricity according to size. The bigger the panel the more power it produces. This however is pegged on efficiency and that’s the general rule. Portable Solar Panels range from the Smallest 5 watt to the highest which can go up to 200 watts. This also dictates the price and would range from … Read more