What is the Best Solar Charge Controller

charge controller

Any well designed solar system has a Charge Controller or Regulator as part of the system. It is the heart of the solar system. Without it, the batteries will not be properly charged and damage to the battery pack will occur. Or, at the very least, shorter battery life will result. One should NEVER EVER … Read more

How to Maintain Your Car’s Battery with Solar

Many people do not realize the importance of their car’s battery.  It is one of the most essential parts of the car.  It is vital in starting the car, powering the car, and supplying power throughout the vehicles components. Nowadays, most car batteries are maintenance free although some older models will require maintenance.  Older models … Read more

Best Solar Car Battery Charger with Overcharge Protection

Car Batteries naturally discharge when not in use. This is a small but constant drain that if overlooked it may drain completely and become dead. This reduces the battery lifespan and you will have to jump start the battery to use again. Modern vehicle have upward of 30 body control modules (computer), alarm system immobilizers … Read more

Portable Solar Panel Chargers for Laptops

Have you ever found yourself with a dying laptop battery and no access to a wall outlet? Few things in life are as annoying as needing something to work and having it fail because the battery has died.  Our devices have become so integrated into our lives that it’s hard to imagine a time when … Read more

What to Consider Before Buying Portable Solar Panels for RV Batteries

People who vacation love the added freedom they have traveling with their own lodging. They can stop when and where they want and usually do not have to make reservations ahead of time. This flexibility and independence is also one of the reasons for the growing popularity of Recreational Vehicles. A solar panel charging system … Read more

Best Portable Foldable Solar Chargers

When going camping or backpacking in the outdoors you looking for a chance to disconnect from the concrete jungle and connect with nature. But our devices have become part of lives that we cant really go without them. While you don’t want to be on your phone it is important to have a charger with … Read more

Trickle Charging a Car Battery Using a Solar Panel

How often have you attempted to start your car only to discover that the battery was dead?  Even with out leaving the lights on? A Car Battery will little by little, over time, discharge so much energy that your engine may not start. Did you know that solar power can ensure that the battery is … Read more

Best 12v Solar Battery Chargers for Car, Truck, Boat and RV

Using a solar charger is also a great way to be environmentally conscious. Solar energy is a natural resource that everyone could easily be utilizing. It is free to use and with today’s technology solar chargers are very easy to operate.Instead of using electric chargers to recharge your portable devices, you can use a solar … Read more

10 Things to Look for When Choosing a Portable Solar Charger

Solar energy is emitted by the sun to the Earth’s surface is greater compared to the amount of energy the Earth consumers in a whole year. This immense energy source is poured out to us for free and it would be a crime if we don’t use it productively. To make things easier, solar devices … Read more

Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones that work

Multiple Panel foldable solar charger on table charging phone

If you have ever bought or used a solar cell phone charger then you know about the frustration of getting a phone fully charged using these small solar panels. First of all most of these solar chargers are not rated properly as the manufacturers use the rating from STC (Standard Rating conditions) and use the … Read more