Can You Use a Car Battery for Home

Car batteries power up a number of components in the car. These include headlights, ignition systems, electronic devices like GPS navigation, audio system, and more. However, the main consumer of a car battery is the ignition system that needs the power in order to start the car. Once the car is running the battery is … Read more

How Long to Charge a Car Battery

All cars require a certain amount of power in order to start. That power is provided by the battery. The battery also provides enough power to run the lights and other accessories in the car while it is running.  Now car batteries lose their charge naturally even if your car is just sitting in your … Read more

Difference between a Car Battery and Solar Battery

In order to have a truly effective and efficient solar panel system, you need the right battery option that will fit your electricity needs as closely as possible. A solar panel generates power and stores it in the battery bank, which can then be used as needed. A solar battery bank functions like an electric … Read more

What are the Best Lithium Car Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are in most of the devices we use nowadays including phones, laptops, and even scooters. This is owing to the batteries lightweight, faster charging, and efficiency. Lithium batteries have also led to the growing Electric Vehicles industries and Hybrids that mostly use Li-Ion batteries. So can you use Lithium batteries on your non-electric … Read more

Can You Use Car Batteries for Solar

Solar energy is only available during the daytime which means you can’t use it during the night. You, therefore, need to store this energy for later use at night and in overcast times when there is cloud cover and your panels are not producing as much. Hence the need for batteries. Car batteries are cheap … Read more

Can You Charge a Motorcycle Battery Using a Solar Panel

Except for maybe, a few most people won’t use their bikes for all the seasons and definitely not in the winter season. But leaving your motorcycle unused for a long period of time and you will get a flat battery. This means that it will not be ready to go and you’ll need to jump … Read more

Can You Charge a Car Battery using a Solar Panel

Battery chargers enhance the performance of batteries and can extend the life of the battery. Car batteries will discharge even when not in use as devices like alarms and clocks will continue to discharge the battery. Car batteries can also be used to store power to a certain extent. The standard car battery is rated … Read more

Solar Battery Tender Review

Deltran Battery tender has been in business for almost 50 years and has provided iconic and well-known battery chargers.  For a company that pegged itself on innovation, the solar battery tender remained unchanged over a long period of time.  First of all it only came with mounting screws and you obviously can’t screw on your … Read more