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Why You are Not Ready to Upgrade to RV Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are better than Lead Acid batteries in more ways than one. They are more efficient when charging, high a higher energy density, are lightweight, and last longer. Moving from Lithium to Lead-acid is an upgrade that has happened in electric vehicles, in backup systems and is the technology powering your everyday devices like … Read more

Charging RV Batteries Using a Solar Panel

Your RV Battery can be charged through the alternator when driving, shore power or via a battery charger at home.  The Alternator is not a good option if you won’t be driving for long period of times and only offers a trickle charge to the RV batteries. Shore power will require hook ups on campsites … Read more

Best Briefcase Solar Panels for RV Batteries

The RV life is all about freedom and traveling with your own lodging but this power. With solar panels you don’t have to start a generator which can be nuisance just charge your batteries.  Most applications in a camper are 12v applications that require DC charge to power so with a sufficient solar panel system … Read more