How Many Amp-hours do you need for Boondocking

Boondocking is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to travel the country. The biggest issue for the typical RVer when considering to go Boondocking is whether you have enough power to run the house systems. This is a common worry by many campers that have never been Boondocking before.  There are two ways to … Read more

How Many Amp-Hours in a Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

Deep cycle batteries are the backbone of the solar power industry for a reason: they can store a lot of charge. Because they are designed to be discharged and charged over long periods, they are ideal for use in solar panels and renewable energy storage. They can also be used in campers and boats where … Read more

Can a Solar Generator Run an RV Air Conditioner

RV air conditioners can add much-needed comfort to an RV during the hot summer months. Yet in order to keep cool, you will need a dedicated power source on your RV. This article takes a look at some of the best solutions for running an air conditioner off-grid and how they can help you stay … Read more

How Many Lithium Batteries to Power an RV

Are you considering changing your old lead-acid batteries for something more modern? Or are you looking to add capacity to your camper’s battery bank without requiring extra space? If so, you may have heard about Lithium batteries and more specifically Lithium-ion batteries.   Lithium-ion batteries offer a number of advantages over lead-acid batteries in your camper. … Read more

How Much Solar Power You Need to Make that Cup of Coffee

Coffee is the world’s favorite drink. It has been for centuries, and it will be for many more to come. There are many different ways of brewing coffee and each has different power consumptions and with some not requiring any electricity at all.   We’ve put together this guide on how much solar power would be … Read more

How Much Solar Power do you need to Run a TV

A TV is one of many devices that allow us to escape and still give us a different form of entertainment that we can’t find anywhere else. There’s still a reason for people to flock to their televisions even camping, vacations, or after a long day at work. Perhaps you are considering using solar to … Read more

Why You are Not Ready to Upgrade to RV Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are better than Lead Acid batteries in more ways than one. They are more efficient when charging, high a higher energy density, are lightweight, and last longer. Moving from Lithium to Lead-acid is an upgrade that has happened in electric vehicles, in backup systems and is the technology powering your everyday devices like … Read more

Charging RV Batteries Using a Solar Panel

Camping in your RV can be a great way to relax and get away from life’s daily stresses. Camping is all about freedom and being able to spend time completely untethered from the world. Your RV Battery can be charged through the alternator when driving, shore power, a generator, or via a battery charger at … Read more

Best Briefcase Solar Panels for RV Batteries

solar panels titling on a campers roof

The RV life is all about freedom and traveling with your own lodging but this power. With solar panels, you don’t have to start a generator which can be a nuisance just charge your batteries.  Most applications in a camper are 12v applications that require DC charge to power so with a sufficient solar panel … Read more