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How Much Solar Power do you need to Run a TV

A TV is one of many devices that allow us to escape and still give us a different form of entertainment that we can’t find anywhere else. There’s still a reason for people to flock to their televisions even camping, vacations, or after a long day at work. Perhaps you are considering using solar to … Read more

How to Size a Lithium Battery Bank

Batteries are a great addition to backup power when you don’t have access to power from the grid. And if you ever lose power due to a storm or any other emergency situation, it is crucial that you have enough storage capacity in your battery bank. A battery bank should run all of your essential … Read more

What Wire Size and Gauges for Small Solar System

Although wiring is one of the least expensive components of a small solar electric system it is not the least important. Even for a small system, mistakes in wiring can have serious consequences. These are easy errors to make. There are hundreds of types of wires and paraphernalia available for different purposes. So The components … Read more

How to Build a Battery Bank for home

A battery bank will help you get the power you need when the grid goes down or during tough weather conditions. Battery banks are also great for storing solar energy so that it can be used at night, cloudy days, or while on vacation on your off grid cabin.   A battery bank should ensure … Read more

Best Batteries for Solar Power Storage and Off-Grid Use

One of the main reasons people set up a solar backup system in their homes is for use in case of an emergency. In many emergencies, the electricity from the power grid is no longer accessible. A backup will ensure you remain relatively comfortable while being able to run basic loads in your home.  Electricity … Read more

Solar Generator Systems Comprehensive Guide

Nowadays, electricity is a necessity. Everywhere you go, electricity is in high demand. This has increased the consumption of petro carbons and other non-renewable fuels . These sources are considered as unfriendly to our environment. Solar energy not only provides a clean source of energy but it’s also free and easily accessible form of energy. … Read more