Tips When Choosing a Portable Solar Charger

Solar energy is emitted by the sun to the Earth’s surface is greater compared to the amount of energy the Earth consumers in a whole year. This immense energy source is poured out to us for free and it would be a crime if we don’t use it productively. To make things easier, solar devices are manufactured today to ensure the utilization of the sun’s energy effectively. Portable solar panels and chargers come in handy whenever emergency rings the bell and you have nowhere to plug your gadgets to. Why, it can even save a life in case of unexpected tragic accidents, injury, catastrophe or any form of emergency that comes.

portable solar charger
Portable Solar Chargers

1. Wattage

These kits come in a variety of watt levels to fit most levels of consumption use. Watt capabilities for portable kits can range from 5 watt charger capabilities to 390 power-house panel kits for residential or workshop capabilities.

2. Efficiency

When choosing a power bank it is important that it be light and has a high capacity. The bank should store at least 90% of their rated stored capacity (how much energy the batteries hold) can be utilized when drained at high rates.

3. Size

They are  available in various sizes and can be used anywhere there is sunlight. Some of these devices can be carried in a purse or backpack. The larger ones can provide the main source of energy or be used as a backup in places where power outage is frequent. For camping or in a cabin in a remote area where a grid is not easy to reach, this is an inexpensive solution for having lights and power to maintain communication devices.

4. Wiring

Some have plug and play systems where plugs can be plugged in for instant power. Other systems have control panels that should be uncomplicated and easy to use.

5. Can Power Different Devices

The kits can be used for medium size use and small use. Medium size use includes marine kits for RVs and boats. It will power navigation gear, bilge pump, lights and other small appliances. They can also be used for laptops and other electronic equipment.

6. Outlets

Small portable systems are convenient because they come USB and several plug and play ports. Travelers no longer have to worry about the type of outlets they will encounter when they travel to keep their electronic equipment working.

7. Inexpensive

They are comparatively cheaper to the conventional Solar Panels used to generate power for Homes.

8. Easy to Install

Installation is no sweat, in fact, anyone including kids can use these solar panels and set it up on their own. Just make sure it is getting sunlight and it is ready to use.

9. Portability

These panels are small, lightweight and easy to carry. Therefore are a great addition when traveling or going camping. Foldablity also reduces bulkiness of the panels.

10. Requires little maintenance

These panels require little or no maintenance. Military grade and Waterproof Power banks can be used in an extreme environment.