Can You Charge a Laptop with Solar Power

Nowadays we’re so reliant on our smart devices like smartphones and laptops to go through our day and to work. This means that we are usually chained to a power source to make sure this device is juiced up for never-ending use. But how would you power these devices if you are off-grid or don’t have access to power? 

When you have access to sunlight, you can charge your laptop virtually anywhere with solar power. Depending on the size of your laptop, a portable solar panel of between 60 and 100 watts will be enough to charge your laptop

There are various other options you can combine with a solar panel to ensure your laptop is juiced up by just using power from the sun. We look at these options in the following article

How to Charge a Laptop with a Solar Panel

A Laptop is rated in wattage that is indicated on the charger. Depending on the Size of the laptop this could be between 60 to 90 Watts. A laptop is charged through an adapter that receives AC power from a wall socket and converts it to DC power to charge your laptop. 

60-watt-foldable solar panel

So when using a solar panel you can actually charge it directly from the solar panel as the solar panel provides a DC current. However, this is not recommended as solar power usually fluctuates depending on the amount of sunlight available. 

It’s important for you to understand why this happens so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not charging your laptop with solar panels is something that makes sense for you.

Use a Battery and Inverter 

A better way of charging your laptop with solar is by combining your solar panel with a battery and inverter. A battery will store the power that is produced from the solar panel, the inverter will then convert it to AC power like just what you’ll get from a wall socket. 

What size battery do you need for a Laptop?

A laptop does not require so much power to charge. The laptop battery itself ranges from 20,000 mAh to 30,000 mAh that’s around 20Ah or 30Ah. 

A battery of the same size will be enough to use in your system and can provide enough backup to charge your laptop fully. 

 It is possible to charge a laptop from a battery, but it’s not ideal. I’ve done it before and it works, but if you really want a long-term solution then you need to a DC-DC charger that steps up the voltage from your car battery to something more suitable for charging your laptop.

You should be able to find one for less than $20 on Amazon or eBay (just search for “DC-DC converter”).

For laptops, you’ll want something with an output between 15 and 24V. Most of them will have multiple outputs so you can charge multiple devices at once with different voltages.

Make sure to buy a battery pack large enough to charge your laptop multiple times. The size of this battery will depend on how often you use your laptop and how long it takes to charge from empty power levels.

A good rule of thumb is not to get anything less than 20 watts per hour (Wh), though 30 Wh will give you more flexibility because it provides more power at once.

What Size Inverter for a Laptop 

As stated before a laptop only requires around 60 to 100 watts of power. In order to get the right inverter you just need to match this, or better yet get a slightly bigger inverter and it will be able to run your laptop. 

I would recommend getting a 150-watt inverter that will not only run the laptop but you can also add other appliances to run alongside the laptop including your phone and other devices. 

Using an Inverter comes with some drawbacks converting power from DC to AC comes with power losses. To add to these losses the power brick from the laptop has to drop down the power to DC. 

Using a solar generator to charge a laptop 

A solar generator is a portable power source that can be used to power devices such as laptops, iPods, and cell phones. A solar generator is an external battery that stores electricity from the sun and can be used to charge your devices.

Solar generators are often used by campers and hikers who want to continue using their electronics while in the wilderness. They can also be used as an alternative power source during blackouts or natural disasters when electricity is not available.

A solar generator can be used to power laptops and can be efficient as charging directly from the wall.

You can use a solar generator for laptops by connecting it directly to your computer using an adapter cable or by connecting the solar panel directly to your battery pack using the included cables. Some models also include built-in inverters so you can plug them into outlets without worrying about voltage compatibility issues or waiting for them to charge up before using them.

In the end, solar power is a great option for powering your laptop, as long as you can be in the sun long enough. Just keep in mind that there may always be cheaper (or even free) options for power out there.

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