How to reduce your power bill

Reducing energy consumption and consequently costs in our homes is a goal in most households.  Power bills are increasing as our power dependent lifestyles increases the need for more power in our homes.  Home appliances are being optimized to work better and reduce unnecessary power consumption.  But there is space for more improvements, becoming energy … Read moreHow to reduce your power bill

Solar Energy History Timeline (1800-2000)

The solar panel is easily the most fundamental element of any solar energy method. This primarily functions to assemble natural light throughout particular durations of the day to be able to strength different products and also constructions. With regards to the dimension, solar panel systems can energy anything at all through Recreational vehicles to huge … Read moreSolar Energy History Timeline (1800-2000)

Your Electric Bill Will Never Go Away Unless You Go Solar

Paying your electric bill every month is something you are going to have to do forever unless you do one of two things. The first option is to live without electricity, and honestly that’s not really an option that you want to explore. The other option is to buy a solar power system for your … Read moreYour Electric Bill Will Never Go Away Unless You Go Solar

How Feed in Tariff Works

Since its introduction around three decades ago, the feed-in tariff scheme has garnered interest from different sectors all over the world. This article answers the most important questions regarding feed-in tariff policies and procedures. What is Feed-In Tariff? Feed-In Tariff, also known as FIT, is the fee paid to anyone who sells renewable energy to … Read moreHow Feed in Tariff Works

Fighting Climate Change by installing solar

solar panels on a roof at a low angle

There have been numerous famous speeches, documentaries, debates, and discussions over the controversial topics of climate change and of the need for renewable energy sources, but it can no longer be denied that climate change is a very real phenomenon that none of us is exempt from experiencing. Though its extent is still not verifiable, … Read moreFighting Climate Change by installing solar