How to Reduce your Power Bill Using Solar

Paying your electric bill every month is something you are going to have to do forever unless you do one of two things. The first option is to live without electricity, and honestly that’s not really an option that you want to explore. The other option is to buy a solar power system for your home.

When you buy a solar system for your home you are probably going to have to finance it, which is where many people hesitate. It’s a lot of money to finance, but it’s not going to have as much of an impact on you as you might think it will. In fact if anything it will end up with a net positive for you on a monthly basis. How does that work? It’s simple each month right now you pay your electric bill right? So that’s money going out that you will never see again.

When you finance a solar power system each month you make a payment on that, plus usually a little bit to the electric company as well so you can remain connected to the grid. The point here is that the combination of what you pay to the electric company and the finance company when you have a solar power system is almost always going to be less than your regular electric bill would.

So instead of focusing on the negative here, you should realize that on a monthly basis you are going to be better off. On top of that at some point in the future you will have your loan paid off for your solar power system, and then you will enjoy what essentially works out to free electricity from that point forward. Obviously working toward free electricity should be something that will interest you, and that’s the real value attached to buying your own solar power system.

Electricity Rates Keep On Going Up

If you depend on the electric company for your power needs then you are at their mercy when it comes to what you have to pay. Sure there are regulations in place to keep them from price gouging, but even with those in place, you are still going to have to deal with rate hikes. So in a decade or two your electric bill will be considerably higher than it is now, even if you are using the same amount of electricity.

On the other hand, if you have a solar power system on your home the amount of money you pay on your loan each month will remain constant. Then in a decade or two, you will still be paying the same amount, and then once it’s paid off you will be paying next to nothing each month. Going solar allows you to avoid the cost of inflation in regards to your electric bill, and that’s always a good thing.

Solar Power Can Actually Cover All Of Your Electricity Needs

Have you ever heard of net metering? If not then this should be a real eye opener for you. Net metering is the process by which the excess electricity your solar power system is fed back into the power grid. When this happens you will actually get a credit applied to your electric bill. What this means is that once the Sun goes down, your solar power system will still be providing for your electric needs.

While your solar power system won’t be directly giving you electricity, the excess power it generated during the day that earned you credits will then be applied to your bill. In this way, your solar power system will actually be covering just about all of your electricity needs. In fact if your solar power system is designed the right way then all you will have to pay to the electric company is a small monthly fee to be connected to the power grid. That’s a lot better option than paying them for your electricity each month forever now isn’t it?

There are more ways than one to go solar

While you might think you just need to install a big solar system to get in the solar game. You are wrong. Advancement in Solar Technology is providing many other types and configurations. Now Solar Panels have become more portable and can be used even to charge vehicles and our mobile devices.

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