How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels on a Roof

Solar panels are not only cost effective they are a great investment and renewable energy solution for your home. There are two types of solar panels – solar thermal panels for producing hot water and solar PV panels for producing electricity.

Installing solar panels involves several critical steps. Each plays an important role in ensuring that you get the perfect system that meets your energy needs. To have the most efficient installation, you may learn as much as possible prior to the start of the process.

Quick Answer

Installation for solar PV and solar thermal typically takes 2-3 days, depending on the size of installation. However getting a date for the installation might take 3-4 weeks Scaffolding will usually be required and is usually done a day before the installation.

Installation process

Before getting started, you should know the factors influencing the size and solar panels to be installed. With firms such as SunEnergy, one can request a quote. This will start the process. In times of the consultation phase, the experienced experts can make an informed presupposition as to how long the procedure will take considering the size of the project, shape, and building location.

If you are starting a solar installation journey, there are steps to complete, and every step will add time to the installation process. This article will primarily focus on the time it takes to install solar power panels for your home or business; you sign a consent with a solar installer.

Assessment of the site

A solar expert will come to your home for a site assessment. The solar professional has already done homework by looking at Google Maps to check your roof’s direction, the shade of your property to well coordinate the place your residential solar panels will be placed.

The solar expert will have to confirm your system design, validate measurements, inspect the property or roof, and adjust for the most accurate measurement of shade and likely obstructions that may block your roof. The phone call to the site visit may last about 1-2 weeks.

During this time, the customer and the firm agree on the price; the financing is done to start the work. However, things are not that instant; you will have to get

Design approval

The solar expert is not finished at this particular point. After evaluating the site, the solar design professional will make some adjustments to your home solar system plan, your budget, and the most optimal way of building the conduit to ensure that everything is perfect.

The solar professional will email you for final approval, and this will take approximately 1-3 weeks.


The subsequent step is to get permission from the city to begin construction. This begins the tricky phase as you are dependent on bureaucracy. In certain jurisdictions, it goes on fast, while in others, the wait is agonizing. The solar expert is usually accompanied by a determined allowing professional who gets to know their government officials by names and develops a rapport with them.

A good solar firm considers allowing from the beginning of the project and orientation of the timeline anticipations to the customers about how long the final documentation will take. The longest part here is waiting, that will be anywhere about 2-8 weeks.


After the permits have come through, then you are ready to start. The solar firm usually is chomping at the time to get the solar system to be installed. The parts are ordered, and all people show up on time in the morning ready to go. Here the most beautiful solar panels are installed on your roof or even on the ground mounts. This phase takes about 2-5 days.

County inspections

After the construction is completed, the county must do the final inspections before the system is connected. Depending on the years’ time, the solar inspection backlog and the sheer competence of your local administration, and the approximated time to complete the phase are about 1-4 weeks.

Utility interconnection

After you have got permits, you have installed the solar panels; you are connected to the grid; this is a matter of time.  This is when the clients get anxious and have gone through the waiting, and the installation process is over. Two things need first to happen. The solar company submits the documents to the utility firm to connect to the grid, usually taking about 1-2 weeks.

The utility has to install the bi-directional meter and let it have to track how much power you generate. However, for the world’s efficiency, this is the phase where the customers get the antsiest. The waiting may sometimes be excruciating, and there is little control over the time this phase will take. This is approximately is about 2-4 weeks.

In general, dealing with the utility takes about 3-6 weeks. There is nothing that can be done, and there is a need to be patient. The initial site assessment with the solar salespersons to the time the system goes online may take between 2-3 months on average.

The main dissatisfaction in the customers’ processes are the delays in the allowing processes and the utility interconnections. These are issues that solar firms are desperate to fix as well as smooth out. The core thing is because the management allow departments in the more rural areas to have one staff member dealing with all things.

Solar being a growing industry, many of the government departments are understaffed to handle the solar permit requests. This ends up creating bottlenecks in every project which cannot be worked around. The permitting process is often the number one cause of delays and the source of customer’s disappointments.

Presently than never, businesses and homeowners are enjoying the benefits that come along with the installation of power panels. The benefits that come with the installation of the solar panel includes saving your money on electric bills, minimizing your reliance on fossil fuel, and making your home a greener and cleaner energy machine.

Many solar firms can install a residential solar panel in less than three days, depending on the number of solar panels installed and the complexity of the installation.

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