Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Outside lighting is can add a finishing touch to transform your garden or pathway with minimal effort. This lighting can be set the mood when you entertain guests after dark and can show off your perfectly pruned garden. Solar lighting is a popular option owing to its safety, ease of use and the environmental benefits.

The main advantage of using Solar Lighting is that it uses solar power and does not need electricity. This makes it safe as there is no dangerous wiring or cables around your garden. This also means it in can be a cheap option to connecting power remote locations such as cabins and caravans.

Solar lighting doesn’t require plugging in to a mains circuit, so there’s no need to work out the logistics of trailing unsightly and dangerous wires and cables around your garden. Better still, solar lighting doesn’t use up any of your electricity supply, meaning that there’s no risk of electrocution, and the lights continue to function even if there’s been a power cut.

How Solar Lights Work

A solar light is made up of a lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery. For an outdoor solar light, the three components will be integrated into one stand-alone unit. The solar panel is used to charge the battery using direct natural light from the sun. The solar panel automatically detects the sun and starts charging the battery and when it gets dark, charging stops. The photovoltaic photocell then detects the absence of the sun and activates the battery which then switches on the light bulb. This entire process is devoid of any human interaction. All you have to do when you purchase your solar kits, solar panel kits and solar panels is install them where you want to use them and they will do the rest on their own.

It is important to note that solar lights come with different types of lights. Some are fitted with incandescent bulbs, others with fluorescent bulbs, while others have Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) lamps. Incandescent bulbs are not the best choice as they consume a higher level of energy.

Solar LED lights are the best bet if you are looking to save energy as they consume way less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs. LED provides provide a bright full spectrum light without consuming so much energy and thus saving up on a charge. Compared to the other types of bulbs, LED bulbs produce less heat, therefore, increasing their lifespan.

Outdoor Lights

The most common use of solar lights is to light up the outdoors. Outdoor lights, unlike indoor lights, do not need any wiring. They are very easy to install and you can do all the work on your own. You can use outdoor lights for security purposes, to light up your deck or simply to illuminate your outdoor space when you need to walk outside. The solar outdoor light battery charges using the sun’s light energy during the day and lights up at night when it gets dark.

You can choose to buy outdoor hanging lights, wall mounted outdoor lamps or low post lamps and place them wherever you want to use them. When installing the lights ensure that they are in a place where they are in direct contact with sunlight for better charging.

Garden Lights

Do you have a large garden with beautiful plants that you want to stay illuminated even at night? Or are you planning to have an evening garden party and your garden is too plain? Glam it up with garden lights. Solar garden lights are wireless and easy to install. It doesn’t matter if you want to use them every evening or just some evenings, you can install and uninstall them as much as you desire.

solar garden light

The best thing about garden lights is that they now come in very interesting decorative designs and some even mimic real plants and animals. Some come in a form of flowers, birds, fruit trees etc. so you can have your own artificial flower garden made up of lights! You can also choose to have clears lights or boldly colored ones to add to the fun. Just make sure the lights complement your garden. You can also use garden lights to mark spots in your garden that one may trip over or hit themselves on such as rocks, gazebos, ponds, walls etc.

Pathway Lights

Just as suggested by the name, these are solar lights that are used to light up pathways at night. They do not necessarily need to be as bright as other outdoor lights such as the security lights. You will need several lamps depending on how long your pathway is. Most of the pathway lights come in a set of several lamps and are made of die case metal which is weatherproof for durability.

You, therefore, don’t have to worry if it is raining or snowing, your lights will remain functional throughout the year. If your pathways are long going for lamppost landscape lights. These can be as tall as you want them to be and will provide a bright light that will illuminate your entire landscape not only making it beautiful but providing your desired level of light and not forgetting in a green manner safe for your environment.

When installing your landscape/pathway lights consider the geography of your home. Remember that for the lights to work at full brightness they have to be well charged during the day so ensure that the light’s solar panel is not being obscured by the sun so that it can absorb maximum amount of sunlight otherwise the lights will be very dim and not last all night. If your area is full of trees and surrounding buildings, solar powered pathway lights may not be the best option for you.

Pros and Cons of Solar Lights

The Disadvantages

While everything has an advantage and a disadvantage, solar energy are more beneficial than they are detrimental compared to the conventional electricity lighting sources. The only major disadvantage of solar generator is that since they are dependent on natural light energy, their success in functioning is fully dependent on how well they are charged. This may be a problem for people who live in areas where the sun doesn’t shine as bright.
Another disadvantage of solar lights is that they rely on fully charged batteries. The everyday charging of the battery increases its wear and tear. This means that you will need to change batteries every now and then.

The Advantages

They are hassle free: Solar indoor/outdoor lighting are very easy to install and apart from the indoor lights that require a bit of wiring the other types of solar panels do not. It is, therefore, quite easy for you to install them yourself anywhere, anytime.
You will always have light: Since the solar panels get their light from the sun which is a renewable energy you will always have reliable light any day any time, just ensure that your solar panel is always charged.
No digging up trenches: When lighting up you’re outdoors you do not need to dig up trenches to put up cables because as mentioned led outdoor lighting do not any wiring to function.
They are safe: Since no cables are necessary for the outdoor lights you can comfortably install them near ponds or swimming pools. You know what you can even have floating lamps in your swimming pool without any fear of electrocution!

So why go for Solar Lights?

As already seen the major reason, why you should choose solar lights as an alternative to electrical lights, is due its ease of installation and use. But what other reasons should make you choose these technology lights?

Solar lights are both decorative and functional. Implementing then will exponentially save you a large amount of money in power bills. Solar lighting energy is practically free. All, you have to buy, are the solar panels for home and from then on you will have no other cost.

They are environmentally friendly. Solar lights do not emit a lot of heat and therefore do not release harmful components into the air. If you are looking to go green with your lighting then you should definitely choose LED solar lighting technology.

They are available anywhere. Since the sun is available anywhere in the world, well save for Antarctica, you can install these lights anywhere you want and use them whenever you want.

They are durable. Well, this will truly depend on the manufacturer but if you go for the genuine ones you will get lights that are weatherproof and therefore durable despite the weather type.

Battery backup. Solar lights come with battery backup for those days when the sun is not shining bright enough to charge the solar panel. Mostly the backup battery should run for about two to three days. Just make sure that when the sun is back up you charge all your batteries including the backup.

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