6 Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Home and Business

6 Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Home and Business

In today’s environmentally conscious world, many consumers look to ways they can save money while helping to save the planet. Greener living is a way of doing something to change their lives in more environmental-friendly ways. One way you, as a home owner, can be greener is to consider solar energy. Installing Solar panels can be an excellent way to save you money while helping the environment. This is a great way to do something for the environment while saving you and your family money.

Here are 7 reasons to invest in a solar PV system:

1. Reduces Electricity Bill

To begin with, there’s the obvious benefit of significantly reducing your energy bills. Once installed, solar panels generate completely free electricity, and with many businesses employing hundreds and even thousands of staff, each with a computer on their desk, plus printers, photocopiers, telephones and other technology to boot, the savings can be absolutely huge!

It is a common misconception that you can only use Solar if you live somewhere that is always sunny. This is not true; even if you do not collect enough solar energy in your panels to keep all your electricity going all day every day, you can still supplement your commercial electricity usage with solar panels. The supplementary green energy allows you to help the environment and save on your electric bill. Really, the sole businesses that shouldn’t be using solar power are those who’re trying to sell some other type of alternative energy (but even then they’d be saving more by switching to solar over any other type of viable energy production).

You may be wondering how solar energy work to heat up water. This is different from Solar Panels that convert light energy to electricity. Well, it functions via a heat ex-changer that is responsible for the transfer of electricity into heat and thus a supply of hot water can be created. In more technical terms, solar panels are exposed to heat from the sun which is then gathered and passed onto the heat ex-changer.

2. Earn Income

If your business doesn’t make use of all the energy its solar panels produce, then it won’t go to waste! In fact, you can actually sell this surplus electricity back to the National Grid and make a profit – on a completely free source of electricity.

It is possible to actually make enough solar energy from the solar panels and sell the excess energy that has been converted to electricity to the Grid. You can also check with your utility whether they offer a Feed in Tariff or an energy exchange program.

The fact is, most companies are only occupied during the daytime, when the sun is shining. This means that the electricity being produced can be funneled straight back into the business each day. The fact that no energy is being used later on at night means that a surplus will build up very quickly, especially during the summer months. This can lead to bigger profits when selling this surplus back to the Grid, and may eliminate a company’s electricity costs altogether.

3. Tax Advantages

There are other advantages of using solar panels for your home that you may not have thought about. You can check out is whether your State offers tax advantages to those who employ the use of solar panels in their homes as the costs involved can be significantly reduced by such tax incentives.

4. Increases the Value of your Home or Business

In addition, installing solar panels may increase your home’s overall value. Many people are interested in solar energy and purchasing a home that already has them installed is a no brainer for them. Therefore having solar system already installed on a house can make the value of your home increase, and will especially appeal to those interested in living a greener lifestyle while saving some money on electricity. Solar Energy can cut the amount of money that it costs to power a home by up to a staggering 90%

Because PV systems have no moving parts, they require very little maintenance. Furthermore, the PV modules are extremely reliable, and with warranties that last a full 25 years, if anything should ever need replacing, you’ll be completely covered.

5. Visibility

There’s another thing that solar power has opting for it near to competing with that other forms of alternative energy can’t come: Visibility. Regardless of your own personal opinion on whether solar panels are pleasing to the eye or not, their presence on the building of a business will reel in more customers or clients. Environmentally conscious residents will undoubtedly be drawn from what they view as a like-minded business. Second, people will view your business as one who is worried about the state of your community by your willingness to support an energy source that does not pollute the surrounding area

6. Saves the Environment

Solar Panels is a true investment in your home and for the planet. This is a great environmentally conscious choice for supplementing your utility bills while cutting down on the fossil fuel emissions and global warming. And with a life span of about twenty years, solar panels allow you to make a contribution for many years to come. Solar panels collect sun rays and store them in a battery or on a grid and then use them as an energy source to heat your home, heat your water, or supply electricity for your home. This means that you will burn less oil and gas in order to produce energy for your home. In addition, you will be cutting down on the greenhouse gas emissions. Solar panels can do this very effectively.

Generally speaking, most commercial premises will be larger than a domestic property. This means that there’s more space to fit a larger number of panels. Although this will cost a little more in the short term, the amount of electricity that it will produce will be far greater, resulting in higher payments from the FIT scheme, and a greater surplus to sell back to the National Grid.

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